Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wyandottes and Black Sex Links

We finally found some young pullets and just-starting-to-lay pullets fairly near.  We drove up around the Stockton Lake area to get them Sunday.  He was a poultry jackpot!  He had banties, several kinds of young chickens and I saw a pen with ducks.  Of course, I wanted one of each.....but settled on  6 Black  Sex Links and 4 Golden Laced Wyandottes.  The Blacks are already laying.

They are the singingest chickens we have ever had.  We both just stood around them listening yesterday.

The blacks are more gentle than the Wyandottes and both are more so than the

I discovered it is two Buff Orpingtons that are still laying.

I spent about an hour getting the pens fitted out and cleaning up for winter.  We are keeping them separated for a while before tossing them all in together.

I found ut from the poultry man that probably the reason my setting hens didn't work was for the eggs to be fertile, you should have one rooster for every 5 or so birds.....I am at 1 to 15 birds.  He also said I should get rid of my rooster first because the new rooster would fight to the death with him.  He is such a nice bird, DH is very attached to him so we will just continue to buy birds every couple of years or until he ends his days
with us naturally.  Not very practical, I know.

I hope you can hear them on the video (Nell made me do it!). After enjoying her butterfly videos,   I had to try one.  I may have made it too long; it took forever to embed.  I made one calling the chickens....after listening, I decided to do a new one!  I need Nell's lovely southern voice to do voice overs. I sounded like a mule driver!


  1. What a nice little video. I love the sounds chickens make, clucks and whirrs and riffles. Nice looking hens and good for you for keeping your rooster!

  2. Fun video. Looks like the chickes are happy:)

  3. Oh how neat. The chickens sound so contented. I keep thinking about making a video, and you've given me more inspiration.

    I love your chickens.


  4. I hope they work out for you. I love chickens. Wish we could have them here.

  5. My chicks are still "peeping". I'm looking forward to when they sound more like chickens. They sound so much like the wild birds that sometimes I'll hear a bird chirping outside my window and think it's one of my chicks. They can peep really loud when they're in distress. Then I have a lot of trouble going back to sleep. This vulnerable period is a worry, so many predators for a chick. I wish I had a source for chickens already grown.

  6. What sweeties! I bet they aren't always sweet like this, but they sure did well in front of the camera.