Sunday, October 30, 2011

A beautiful Saturday Morning

We had a very cool 33° night and lots of frost, but no wind and the sun is shining this morning.  It is a perfect fall day.

I did a walk  around and took  a picture or two; nothing spectacular for fall color. I think we will be missing that this year.

I couldn't resist a couple of shots of Willow and babies.

One was the rear end so I skipped posting it!

This may be the most color we get this year in the yard.  I usually tear down the Virginia Creeper and I will but I wanted to let it color up first.

The last week has been filled with  doctor appointments, in-laws situation and our son's visit to see his Grandad.

Of course that always calls for a vanilla cream pie.  I apologize for the color; it was taken under the led lights on the cabinet and I forgot to make adjustments.

This is the first time I have used the new vodka vanilla.....I didn't check to see if it had steeped long enough but I did a taste test and it passed.  We all decided it was the best flavored pie I have made.  Of course I used several different milk products for the it wasn't a true test.  The vanilla is quite sweet now.  I didn't know the beans were sweet and it has a nice dark color.

Our son who likes to cook was very interested in  the vanilla so he asked for and I gave him a packet of 12 vanilla beans I had vacuum sealed.  He makes pies, bread, scones, biscuits and most everything.

Both kids were marked by fried chicken!  I don't know if I did it a lot or  what when they were growing up but they love it, fried the way Mom always did hers. I  cut up two chickens to fry.  He wanted to do it with me so after his visit with grandpa, we were frying chicken at 7 PM......not my usual time to cook!  It was worth it though.  He is such an appreciative eater!  I just roll the washed an drained pieces in a mix of flour, salt and pepper and this time, paprika.  I also fry it in about an inch of canola oil (or peanut or whatever) and I added 1/2 stick of butter for color and flavor.  I brown it on high heat; turn down to medium low, put lid on and cook for l hour.  Yes, one hour!  I almost gag when I watch the TV chefs cooking chicken for 20 minutes on their shows.  The chicken  will be almost falling off the bone and then I remove lid, turn up heat to crisp it up.  That's how Mom did it and it's good enough for all of us.

The requisite sides of mashed potatoes and gravy and buttered peas and fried apple slices were added.

I sent the balance  of the chicken home with him.

He is coming back today and bringing the two younger grands,and will just be here overnight.  DIL is coming down Sunday with our oldest granddaughter and  then they are all going back at the same time.    I may have to trail in town to see her....and will if necessary! 

Cooking seems impossible to time so I just bought some deli meats and cheeses and chips.  I can always do waffles or eggs if need be.

I will be making chocolate cupcakes later this morning.

I am heading to the kitchen to process the peppers and some of the really ripe tomatoes...


  1. That's exactly how I make my fried chicken, except I use chicken fat over and over, and freeze it in between. I don't think I'll ever get that chicken fat used up because I fry up the extra fat and skin they put in with the chicken and that replenishes what gets used in the process. I can't think of any other use for chicken fat. We wouldn't like it spread on bread like some people do. And I hear it doesn't make good soap.

    Sounds like you had a lovely day. I wish my son would want cooking lessons. I've offered but no interest.

  2. Glenda that pic of your pie is to die for! It looks so warm and caramelized and toasted to perfection! I'm glad your vanilla vodka turned out so well for you. YUM.

  3. That pie looks wonderful and I'm so glad your vodka vanilla turned out great. I'm sure it's a real treat!

    Always enjoy pictures of Willow and babies.

    I've never had fried chicken the way you do it. I don't fix fried foods these days. I use a bit of olive oil to cook things in, but that's it, no french fries or fried chicken. My mouth is watering thinking about both. :-)

    It's a gray, sprinkly, windy day today.

    Have a great week and visit with family and thank you for your kind comments on my blog.


  4. That pie is beautiful! :)

    Enjoy the weather. Snow flurries and rain here yesterday but no real snow yet here either.

  5. I've never fried chicken quite like that, I'm afraid of it soaking up too much fat I guess. (We're both supposed to be on low-fat diets) My MIL used to do hers like that. She also fried hamburgers, then turned down the heat and they soaked up all the grease. Wow, talk about artery clogging...but they were good!
    Your pie looks delicious! Have a good week!

  6. That pie looks delicious. I fry my chicken like you make yours. I can't stand to watch those cooks either. I can't imagine eating chicken that was only cooked for 20 minutes.

  7. Hi Glenda,
    Fall really has been pretty pleasant this year, but it sounds like winter is around the corner here. It rained and snowed today, but the snow melted right away.

    Willow and her calf look like nice with sprinkles of sunlight on them. Your pie looks beautiful.

  8. Pretty pie, add some coconut and it would be perfect! :>) Your meal sounds delish. I made chicken legs for DH last night, browned them in a little Canola oil and then transferred them to a pan and put them in the oven until done-his favorite way. I made chicken tenders on top of the stove for me and my daughter who was here for supper. Boiled red potatoes, green beans, broccoli, biscuits and chicken gravy finished the meal.

    I think Virginia Creeper is so pretty growing up trees as the leaves turn.

  9. There you go, giving us your secrets... you are so sweet! I have NEVER been able to make chicken like Moma and the long cooking is IT! She did it just like you and her's was fall off the bone tender and crispy too. Glenda, do you soak your chicken pieces at all in salted water or just do the seasoned flour on the pieces? That pie is yummy, I missed the post on the vodka vanilla... will have to track back and copy it. Thanks sweetie for sharing!

  10. Save me a slice, I'll be right over~ K