Sunday, October 2, 2011

Eyesore Removed! and other routine things

Weather continues perfect for fall.  I would like another rain....I am greedy.

Here is the first thing that caught my eye a couple of mornings ago.  I walked out on the porch very early and looked across the road to the field.  Normally there were piles of brush stacked here and there and several weeds.  It has taken the neighbor three years in short spurts of work but finally he finished the job!  He even burned the brush piles.  It looks so nice now.

If we weren't so close to the road, I wouldn't have paid any attention to it...but we are.

I mowed yesterday probably for the last time.  I was surprised by how much dirt and dust it kicked up.  Of course the yard being overrun with moles doesn't help.  I hope they are gorging on Japanese Beetle grubs!

I milked yesterday, Friday.   I am trying a new routine to encourage her to let down her milk,  DH goes out early and turns her in to the holding pen.  See can look over the new  half door and see the babies.  I leave her there for at least 30 minutes, hoping.  I got more milk than usual so maybe it is working.  It is no more work to do it this way so we will continue. 

I just made a pan of rolled type apple dumplings; hope they turn out super.  I want to take some to my MIL and FIL today.  Apple Dumplings are her favorite dessert, but the old, whole apple type.
I wasn't wholly impressed with the rolls, so I made just three of the regular kind with pie crust I had in the freezer.

A day or so ago I baked a small turkey and made a regular turkey dinner of mashed potatoes, peas, gravy, and turkey.  I made the large recipe of 24-hour refrigerator rolls too.  There was a method to all my madness in cooking this much food.  I took enough for two meals up to the In-Laws.  I still had enough turkey left to make a large pot of turkey tetrazzini today (Sunday 10/2/11).  There will be enough to freeze and DH can take some to them mid-week.  FIL isn't doing so well after his last radiation treatment.  He is very weak and couldn't keep his eyes open while we were there.  We are hoping his strength will improve over the next two weeks. 

The chickens are on a laying break big time!  1 or 2 eggs a day.  They may be starting to moult.  I hate when that happens but it always does each year.

Our neighbor had hung a new gate between us so we dropped by yesterday and paid our half. 

That wraps up another week.

 I can hardly believe it is October!  What happened to September?


  1. This post made me hungry. Wonder if frozen apple dumplings are to be found in a frozen food case in the grocery somewhere. I don't need a whole pan full, just one.

    I hope your FIL gains strength soon. Might Chicken and Dumplings or Potato Soup appeal to him? Ice cream added to Instant Breakfast makes a nourishing shake.

  2. It is always nice when eyesores disappear.

    I've got a small turkey I need to fix too. It needs to defrost, so I think I'll get it out of freezer next Fri or Sat so that I can fix on Tues or Wed.

    Your apple dumplings sound good.

    Sorry to hear about your FIL. Those treatments are draining.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  3. Hi Glenda, I agree the weather has been great lately, but we sure could use some rain. I'm sorry your FIL is feeling poorly, hope things turn around for him soon. The view from your camera shows a pretty scene. Have a good week!

  4. The turkey sounds delicious. I'm going to buy a turkey breast at the store tomorrow and bake it for Grampy and I. Neither of us eats the dark meat so it doesn't pay for me to buy a whole turkey.

  5. Oh how I wish I could route some of this rain down to you. Right now NE Ohio is flirting with the all-time rain record for a season. It's been cold and rainy since Thursday with no sight of the sun.

    Glad your neighbor cleaned up the field. I have a neighbor who's had a wood/brush pile growing since they moved in 14 years ago. Now there's an eyesore. Also filled with ants and vermin. Wish that would disappear!

  6. The pasture is a pretty site! We have a big oak tree that fell three years ago down in the steep ravine behind our house. I don't see it in the summer when the leaves are on, but winter we can. It's home to lots of creatures so I will try and not gripe about it! Glenda, that turkey dinner with rolls sure sounds good. Know your in laws enjoyed it and the apple dumplings!

  7. You are such a good DIL.

    Our neighbors have eyesores all around us. Charlie has a brush pile that's been there for years. He never does anything to it but add to it. Jay has moved a second motorhome in beside the one that has been across the road from us since we moved in. They seem to get in lots of my pictures. I'm beginning to hate those motor homes. We, ourselves, have a pile of brush that we'll chip and turn into mulch one of these days. We had a bunch of stuff piled by the side of the house, most of that's gone because we sold it at the garage sale last spring. The stuff we had piled up behind the sheds is gradually getting used up in our projects. And there's that dead pine tree that we haven't gotten around to cutting down. Who knows how long it's stood there like that before we came along. We'll get to it all, eventually.

    Sorta like Pa Kettle with his leaky roof, when someone asked him why he didn't repair it: "Welllll, can't get up there when it's rainin'..... and when it's not, don't NEED to!"