Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Daily Journal

The last few days have been pretty uneventful.  Weather has been cool and drizzly...no real amounts of rain  so far.

I have spent some time checking and researching hay.  I am happy to report we have found 38 round bales and have our favorite part-time farm hand (a local neighbor boy still in high school) looking  for 20 more.
He found the hay for us and it is through a man his family has known for years.  That is always a good thing.  He just brought by a bag of a sampling of the hay...the bale was so tight he couldn't dig in very far but it smells wonderful, and is very soft.  It bends rather  than breaks.  It is orchard grass with some red clover in....better than what we are currently feeding.  The price is market price delivered and we are glad to get it.

We are still considered newcomers to the community since neither of our families are from this area.  Also we are not really farmers.....so having found this young man has been a blessing for us.  We found him originally through Craig's list selling wood, a very serendipitous finding.

So far, he has  cleaned out the sheds, cut some wood that was down on our place.  I recently booked him to cut down or back our very overgrown front shrub border.  Next I will get him to paint the outbuildings.
I hope to get all this done before he heads off to college.

The hay has been a worry so I am relieved to have it taken care of.  We plan to just use this young man for all our needs on the farm.

I had the usual thing of people not calling me back as promised.  One man wanted to buy bred heifers...I told him I didn't have any for sale....maybe his real interest.  Who knows.  He sounded to promising about finding us the hay.......it has now been 24 hours with no call.

The chickens are stunning us.  Another day of 15 and a day of 12.....we are loving it!
Here part of the flock are enjoying henbit.

The dinner at Bolivar was good and we all brought home leftovers. This is another pet peeve of mine....why do they serve such humongous amounts.  We all could do with half the amount and half the price.  Now there is a new concept!


  1. I am so happy you have found hay. Around here, it is more valuable than gold.
    You lucky peach, you are getting eggs, my gal I get my eggs from, her girls are still on strike, so its store eggs, which I am not happy about, but I will just put up with them until we get to the farmer's market soon.
    It is now cold, typical winter weather here. So I have just been going through garden catalog, my stash of seeds, and trying to get a sense of what to plant this year. Like you, not too much going on at all.
    Take care and have a wonderful week, my dear.

  2. I, too, am happy you found some quality hay at acceptable prices. And I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that your neighbor boy will be a reliable source for some farm chores.

    Yes, restaurant portions ARE too big. Whenever Mom and I eat out for lunch or breakfast, we only order one meal and we tell the waitress we're splitting it. They have never charged us for spitting and they alway bring a separate plate for us to divvy up on. Even then, we've yet to leave hungry.

    Absolutely love love love the pic of the chickens. If I could, I'd have chickens. They are soo homey. Glad you're having a glut of goodness right now. Do you freeze extra eggs?

  3. Yes I agree most restaurants serve way too much food. Ya think that is why there are so many over weigh people around?
    I'd be all for less food, less cost, and less calories. Cause my Mom always taught us to clean our plates as there were staving children in China! LOL

    1. I was raised on that "starving children in China" too! We didn't even have to ask for the containers for the leftovers which was nice.

  4. I'm able to comment again since I downloaded Chrome. I don't know what's up with the commenting problems.
    I envy you the fresh eggs! Hope your hubby had a good birthday.

    1. Glad you finally found a solution.

      He did have a good birthday. Thank you.

  5. Don't mean to sound like an old, fuddy-duddy pessimist but it's refreshing (and heartening!) to hear of a young person these days who has been raised to know how to work and is willing to do it. So many young people feel they are entitled to whatever they want, when they want it without having to earn it. When did parents start raising kids this way? Okay, I'll get off my soap box and push it back under the bed. :o}

    1. I agree completely with you. So far, there is nothing we have asked him to do that he isn't willing to do. What I like about him is he leaves nothing to chance, always repeats costs and what the total will be so there are no misunderstandings. Most adults we do business with could take lessons from him!

  6. Raised to "clean your plate" both the Prez and I use everything! Glad those hens are producing nicely and that things are falling into place. It will SPring before you know it!...:)JP

  7. You are so lucky to have found that young man and I'm sure he appreciates the work. Hard to find anyone who wants to work anymore! Jerry and I share a meal at the places that serve large plates. They don't mind doing it, they just bring an extra plate and we do the dividing! Looks like we have a chance for snow this weekend and cold temps. Stay warm!

  8. You've found a farm hand, that's great. I agree with the serving sizes when out to eat... we rarely go out, but if there are leftovers, I bring them back home--we paid for them, no use letting them go to waste.