Tuesday, July 17, 2012

First 'real' tomato of 2012, rolls and chain saw work

Weather remains the same.

I found the first blemish free large (and delicious) Granny Cantrell tomato!.  This was from a volunteer plant (that missed my herbicide spray, thank God)in the backyard garden.  I have just let it sprawl and of course have lost several to sun scald, but I found these.  GC remains  my favorite tomato and is earlier than most heirlooms.

The ones to the left had blemishes but I cut them off  and have since the photo eaten them all.  I refuse to waste a good tasting tomato this year!

I have now clipped newspapers over clusters exposed to the sun.  I used clothes pins to hold the paper in place. I should have done this much earlier.


I knew we were going in to MIL's yesterday so the day before very early to beat the heat made a  batch of refrigerator dough.  I didn't refrigerate it but made it up in two pie pans of sweet rolls and three buns and the rest as dinner rolls.  I wanted to take some to MIL who loves homemade breads, especially sweet rolls.
From Cooking

DH had removed the rails on MIL's deteriorated rail fence but hadn't take the posts out.  We took the electric chain saw in and I cut them off at ground level.  I had to crawl on my knees to do it but we got it done. It is very difficult for DH to bend on his knees and thankfully, once I started taking glucosamine, I can do it without any pain.....getting up is a little more difficult but doable.  She also wanted some low-hanging limbs removed from a tree in the backyard.  We had the back of the pickup full when we finished.

She sent us home with a bowl of her home-made stew which was delicious.

Today we get the new front door.....I am excited.

Heading out now to see if the blister beetles have eaten everything to the ground.  Evidently Missouri has been hit hard.  It was on the news.


  1. We had blister beetles two years ago (but they were all black) and they seemed to keep to the wild amaranth, which was ok by me as they didn't destroy my other garden vegetables. Guess it pays to have some weeds around!

    Oh, and thanks for making me drool with that sticky bun sweet roll looking thing!!!

  2. Wow, you are rolling in the dough. (Too bad it's not greenbacks - LOL). Everything looks wonderful. Glad you missed spraying that GC! I can almost taste that tomato. Nothing coming out of MY gardens... :-(

    Hey, when is Willow due? And how is the Jersey cow - are you milking her yet?

  3. All your baking from the dough looks absolutely scrumptious. I can't bring myself to light my oven since we've had this horrible, humid, hot weather. (Plus we're losing a few pounds from not having baked goods around.) But, oh my, your baking does make me hungry!

  4. Glenda, be careful around those blister bugs! Hubs said he saw an article in the paper posted by the County Extension Agency that they are here, as well, and they say if you get blisters on your hands from the bugs and touch your mouth or eyes, you can get blisters there, too! That could be life-threatening.

  5. I've been picking a few tomatoes, they are on the small side. The cherry tomatoes are doing great so far. If the tobacco worms don't eat them up. I found one this evening.

    Your sweet rolls look so delicious, they're making me hungry! And I'm trying to cut back on sweets.

  6. Hi Glenda,
    I've been picking a few tomatoes. Mine have had some spots I've had to cut off, too. I see you've still been working circles around me. It's so hot here, I am not getting much gardening done, except for watering.

  7. Love that photo of the tomatoes! I can taste them, Glenda...a nice fat juicy tomato sandwich!..:)JP