Friday, July 13, 2012

Peach Processing Day

Another hot and dry day here.

I started the peaches at 6 AM and finished including cleanup at 8:45 AM.

I ended up with 8 quarts of sliced peaches, l quart of crushed for later jam, and two batches of jam.

They worked up very nicely.  I  tossed about 8 to the chickens and only found worms in two peaches.  I guess my irregular spraying did some good.

The jam was darker and redder than  usual  but very nice.  I just had a slice of oatmeal bread toast with some for breakfast.

The governors of both Missouri and Arkansas have requested both states be declared farm disaster areas because of our drought. 

Here is a link to the Springfield News Leader article about a remarkable lady.  She made me ashamed....look at that neat freezer.  I hope you all take time to read it.|defcon|img|FRONTPAGE&nclick_check=1


  1. Loved the link! I love to see inspirational ladies like this. And guess what? You're one too. I don't I've ever seen anyone bake the way you can!

  2. There is nothing prettier than newly canned produce on your shelf.

  3. The jam looks so devine. I love the color, Glenda.
    16 counties including us are farm disaster areas also, I just heard this on the radio this morning. We did get a tiny thunderstorm with a little rain last night about 9 pm, but nothing to help off set the drought. Gee, it was just a couple of years earlier, I was swimming here at about this time of year.
    I am canning over the weekend, I've got cukes coming out of my ears, and some plums to do jelly. I just need onions from the farmer's market and pectin, and a few other things, which I will do before it get to be Hades around here, supposed to be 100* tomorrow and the weekend.
    I will post pics on my blogs of cukes, kittens and the garden.

  4. My goodness that jam is RED! I've never seen the like.

    Still dry as bones here and hot to boot. *pant* Someone should declare my gardens a disaster area. :-(

  5. Those pictures make me feel like the laziest, sloth-iest, pathetic gardener / farmer EVER! I can only hope that I'm puttering around like her when I'm 90 (assuming I even get that close).

  6. What an amazing lady! She really doesn't look 90. My grandmother used to garden into her 80's. I remember one Thanksgiving when she was so proud that almost everything on the table except for the turkey came from her garden.

    Thanks for sharing the link. Enjoy those great looking canned goods!

  7. What a wonderful batch you made up with peaces. I think the color is wonderful.

    Oh my gosh, Fern Gray is a fantastic inspiration, I feel ashamed. Loved all those photos and she looked so sweet dressed up in her pink dress and hat. What a hard working, productive lady. Bless her heart.


  8. OMG, your Jam and Peaches look delish!!!
    This morning I peeled about 8 - 10 peaches and made homemade peach cobbler.
    When the guys got home for lunch, they pretty much almost ate the entire pan of cobbler. I guess I'm gonna have to make another!

    1. I haven't made a cobbler or pie yet. I need to do one for my 94 year old MIL. It's her favorite.

  9. Gorgeous peaches!

    The link won't work for me. What was the name of the article so I can search it up?

  10. Diane, I had trouble this morning but finally found it.