Saturday, July 14, 2012

My 3 Hours - Friday July 13, 2012

I just finished my self-imposed outdoor time......I started at 6:30 so it wasn't too bad by the time I finished.

I am still watering my new shrub border out front.  I dug my pitiful potato crop....maybe 20 lbs.  It was just a short row, but still very poor turnout.  I am thinking all yellow potatoes are not good for volume.

I chopped out the broccoli and cauliflower stalks, tied up the two Early Girls I planted around the birdhouse pole.  Sunscald is becoming at issue.

The Japanese Beetles finally found my pole beans so I brought out the Sevin spray for them.  Corn is still looking promising...time will tell.  My yellow cheese peppers (thanks again Ilene) are beginning to turn yellow.  The last hot peppers I bought that were root bound have not taken hold good so the peppers are burning on the little plants....I raked through the root ball but so far they are not putting out much new leafy growth.  I may try watering more often.

I found another volunteer tomato plant buried  next to the fence on the west end of the garden.  They are red ones. 

Lunch today will be what Mom called goulash with some hot peppers I pulled this morning and using the tomatoes I cooked from yesterday,s cherry tomato harvest.  It is just fried green and hot peppers, onions,  hamburger, seasoned with lots of chili powder, some tomatoes and cooked macaroni.  I usually serve it with cornbread but won't today.....I don't want the kitchen hot again.  We will have toasted oatmeal bread instead.  Sometimes we have shredded cheese on top.....Mom and Dad didn't.


  1. Glenda, I haven't had goulash since....well I can't remember when! I, too, hate it when I buy plants and they are so root bound, they don't get a good hold which is why I've been doing more seed. We had great success with our gold potatoes in VA and they were delicious!!!! I told my sister how you make yogurt and she did some...said it is GREAT!...:)JP

  2. I, too, have gotten a few outside projects this week -- all before 10:30 each morning. After that the heat drives me inside. High 80s this weekend followed by mid-to-high 90s next week. Still no rain in sight.

    Can't remember the last time I prepared a hot meal. I'm living on cold sandwiches, salads and fruit and, like you, refuse to heat the kitchen. *pant* Hang in there...

  3. Goulash brings back memories of being a newlywed. We ate lots of macaroni dishes back then. :-) Makes me want to cook up a batch. Your tomatoes look good as do your potatoes.

    We do have to get out early to work in gardens these days as it is just too miserable the later it gets.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady