Monday, January 14, 2013

Gifts from Amazon and other things.......

Good morning from the frigid Ozarks.  It was 13°at 3 AM this morning; now warmed up to 14!
We did get more rain two days ago just as the cold front moved in.  We have a thin coating of ice on everything now.



This is a mild ice storm as ice storms here go.  We are very grateful for that.

I have a gift card balance at Amazon and I needed to order the cord for my Kindle.....I love making up the required $25 for free shipping so,

Here is my latest splurge:

My orders are almost always for the kitchen.....wonder why that is?

I wanted a grater that could go through the dishwasher and this one can, top rack.  I hate the plastic on it but what can you do......, the utensil jar is to replace the flower pot I was using before I took an urge to remove everything from the counters and put them into the drawers.  Bad idea!  I could never find what I wanted so I tried to find the flower pot again......looked high and low.  I finally just gave up and ordered this new one.  Then two days ago when dusting the dining room, I lifted this to dust under it,

It took a second to register; here was the flower pot!  Too  late and I like the new one better anyway.

I also got another bread pan; I broke  my glass one and needed 4  for when I double the recipe for our mainstay bread.  The pizza wheel is to replace  the one  that just broke (plastic base).

I think I still  have a balance on the gift cards.  I want DH to pick something just for him but so far, he hasn't.

We will have to make a run out today; DH is out of Robitussin.  I will buy the largest size this time and two bottles.


  1. Ice storms can be a mess...but they sure make things look pretty!

    It's been in the mid 40's and 50's here,and damp. Not good weather for healthy cows and healthy people!

  2. Beautiful pictures of your icy weather.

    Lots of fun little presents from Amazon. Like a mini-Christmas!

    Ah, Robitussin. Memories of childhood. I haven't taken it in probably 40 years but remember I used to love the taste of it. (Was I strange?)

    1. Yes, you were! I tasted it and it was bitter as quinine...(Mom used to always say that) with a faint cherry flavor.

  3. Was over 60 yesterday morning and only 28 this morning. Thankfully our (1/4") of rain fell before the temps went below freezing, so no ice here. Only barely 30s this week and 20s at night. Too bad no snow predicted. I prefer the plants get an insulating layer of snow for long term cold temps.

    Had to laugh at the flower pot tidbit. Glad you like the new one better. And you are right - stuff in drawers is usually hard to find.

  4. My Sis got a good laugh over the flower pot story; she looked once for over a year for a food processor that she has 'stored' because she didn't realize (until I told her) what useful tool it was!

    Some parts of Missouri way east and south got a lot of rain.....not us.

  5. We too are suffering in the cold. We lucked out last night and made it to 14 but the night before was 12. Brrr

    Love the utensil jar, does it come in other colors. I need one. Did you find it on Amazon? Do tell.

    Hope the DH is on the mend, some of these nasty bugs are really hanging on this winter. After two trips to the Dr. and five weeks I finally managed to shake what was making me miserable.

  6. I think it came in green; of course, it is Amazon....I do 90% of my shopping there!

  7. I had a good chuckle over the flower pot. I did that, only I used a small crock, and then needed the crock for some sourdough, DUH! Looked high and low, until I seen it on the counter. Wonder where my brain was.
    When I blogged last, we had a very short freeing rain, then a baby blizzard for a short while then icy roads, and unfortunatly a small aircraft crash east of us here, because of the ice, very sad. Not our usual ice storm but enough to make a mess.
    It was -8F below yesterday morning, with a wind chill of -19F. BURRR.
    I love Amazon. I am looking at a Kindle and a few other things. I love kitchen gadgets. Probably don't need anything, but I love gadgets.
    Have a wonderful week.

  8. Glenda,

    A little ice my friend, I love ice pictures from plants and trees.
    Hey, those are some nice looking treats from Amazon. I love using gift cards, especially when you find them after forgetting about them.

    I have a book order from Amazon, one of the books cost me 1 penny, can you believe that, lol..

    Stay warm, I hope DH feels better soon.

  9. Oh, so you are in Missouri. I recently was trying to figure out where in the Ozarks you live. Lovely ice photos. You have such beautiful Nandina shrubs. I enjoyed seeing your new and fun items and your pretty table runner. Your blog is such a friendly place. I don't always comment, but I always enjoy visiting. I made cracker candy for Christmas, but it wouldn't break apart between the crackers so didn't turn out like I wanted. I realized this week that I should have tried cutting between them with the pizza cutter. That might have worked. Yours looks like a good sturdy one. My mother would have said about your flower pot: Hidden in plain view!

  10. Hi Glenda,
    What a deal on the ice storm! You sure got some pretty photos of it. I like your Amazon purchases. I had to laugh about the pot. I've been cleaning out drawers and cupboards, too, and still have things lying around that I'm not sure what I want to do with. I have also changed up some of the containers I have things in on the counters.

  11. Beautiful photos, we got your storm tonight here is s Ind. Everything outside is sparkling under the moonlight.
    I love shopping with gift cards, It's like a gift 3 times over, receiving the card, ordering then finally receiving the order. Talk about extending the joy LOL! Hope the hubby fels better soon