Tuesday, April 23, 2013


32° here this morning just at daybreak.  There was ice on the birdbath.  I don't know if the fruit was hurt or not.  I am keeping my fingers  crossed.  I think we have another night  to worry.

I replaced my cell phone with a flip phone but it doesn't have a key board so texting will be much harder....I don't do much but do keep in touch with the grands this way.  I may just tell them to check their emails.   I have 14 days to decide if the phone is a keeper but there is a $35 "restocking" fee!  and have you noticed the free phones never are....my free one cost me $32.....reactivation fee!

We got a few items from Wal Mart , grabbed some lunch at Wendy's and headed home.

Late in the afternoon I baked a raisin pie.  DH doesn't eat them....but about once a year I get a craving and eat a couple of slices and freeze the rest....I have already had my two (or three) and must freeze the rest before I finish it off.

I made a new batch of 'Nathan's Never Fail Pie Crust' using my latest batch of lard.  I thought the crust looked funny but it tasted fine.  The lard had a fluffy whiter than usual look to it too.  Hmmmm.

I took  a very brief tour of the yard this morning (so I wouldn't frost bite my hands ) and took  a few photos to prove that spring is actually beginning to show here.

and a close-up the the variegated Solomon's Seal that is about ready to bloom out.
From April Blog

The other end of the planter is Jack Frost Brunnera.  The lovely pale yellow tulips that used to be here; aren't this year!  I am thinking to move a few bulbs of the small flowered narcissus by the birdbath here next to it.


  1. If I were closer I'd come and eat Raisin pie with ya! My Blacksmith doesn't like it either, but I do love a good piece ever once in awhile!

  2. Hmmm, can't say that I've ever eaten a raisin pie. I've seen some places up near the vineyards off of 44 advertise grape pie.....but haven't had that either. Just seems "weird" I guess :)

    Wow, you got down to 32, hugh? We didn't get near that cold & not even that far from you. Just waiting on the front to bring us some much needed rain! Especially since we just seeded the pasture. Come on RAIN!!

    1. We have had over 1/2 inch up here so far.

      I have never made or tasted a grape pie. That step of having to remove the seeds would put me off. But I would like to try one.

  3. Temperatures dropped here too. I'm hoping what was planted didn't freeze. I've never heard of raisin pie is that a special pie for a holiday or something?

    1. Sandy it was just a pie my Mom made a lot. It is in most of the cookbooks I have. Now mincemeat was mostly made during the holidays and it sort of tastes the same as raisin.

  4. Raisin pie is delicious! DH and I both like it.

    It's warm and breezy today, not as hot and humid as it has been, really nice today. I was out working in and around the main garden. Felt good to get that done.

    I loved seeing your spring blooms. Hope this last bit of cold weather won't hurt the fruit of anything else.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  5. I have already cheated and got a piece from the freezer! I knew that wouldn't last.

  6. All those pretties that can take the least bit of freezing are looking good. I've never had Solomon's Seal or Brunnera; they look great. The bleeding hearts are just lovely.

    I've never had raisin pie. When I read your post and before I read the comments I was thinking that mincemeat would be similar but heartier. I love oldfashioned mince pies that have real meat in them, lol. I used to buy packaged mincemeat and add more raisins, chopped apple and some shredded beef.

    Piecrust with real lard would thrill me to death. Flaky. I remember just how it looks and tastes.

  7. Nell, I don't put meat in my mincemeat; I think that is what put me off when I was a kid....knowing there was meat in the pie. I have one quart left and I am sending it to my sis tomorrow. She is out and ordered more!
    She adds a little brandy to hers.

    I think raisin pie is a littler sweeter.

  8. It's so good to see some signs of spring, I'm still waiting for some where I live. I like your little staggered brick flower bed against the house.

  9. Even though it's been cold, you are still ahead of us. My bleeding heart has buds on it. I am excited for it to look like yours.