Thursday, April 4, 2013

We have been having some very nice spring-like weather.  We have had about 3/4 inches of rain over a couple of days and the temperatures are warming nicely.  We are in the 50's right now.  I haven't done anything outside because the rain, actually more of a heavy drizzle lasted off and on.

The seeds I put under the lights are coming along.  Broccoli is up, borage is up, and the rudbeckia is up.
I put the peppers on a warming pad to speed them up.  I  turn the lights off at night but will leave the warming pad on.  Note:  The peppers are now up.

The sun just popped out fully!   That should warm things up.

More bad on the farm.  One of the llamas died of natural causes we guess.   We are having spring calves born which is always fun.

I plan to start more seeds this weekend.

The weekend is here:  Saturday,March 30, 2013

It has been drizzling  all morning and the temperature is around 50°

This was my milking morning but that wasn't to be.....Willow pulled one of her old tricks.  She refused to let down her milk for me.  I struggled to get 1/2 gallon and then gave up and turned  her to her babies.  I could hear her softly mooing to them.  I guess that made her happy.

Since I was already in the Milk Barn/Potting Shed, I decided to plant my warm weather seeds.  I did a flat of various tomatoes, and one of some flowers:  'Horizon' ageratum, melampodium, Fall Color rudbeckia, Giant Exhibition Coleus, salvia spendens 'Flare' . 

Later this afternoon I will make a large batch of rolls for MIL's annual Easter dinner..............again.

Easter Sunday

Rolls are made.  I walked the yard hopingfor  some pictures.  I was surprised to see a lot of my daffodils aren't doing much and some are just gone.  Maybe two years of drought?   I will try to remember  to fertilize and  order new bulbs this fall.  Nothing else was worthy.....except a very lush stand of henbit.  The sun is shining and it looks to be a beautiful day.

It was until we came home and found the refrigerator had died.....freezer had defrosted and filled the bottom with strange orange liquid.

Monday, April, 2013

Well, Sunday was a beautiful day but this morning dawned very cool, 40° and that is the high for the day.  We will have three days of cool and then back to the 70's.  Three more chances of rain.

First thing was  off to Lowes to buy a refrigerator......did that and was very disappointed they couldn't deliver until the following Monday afternoon.  Of course we have the fridge in the Milk Parlor but running back and forth for milk was a nuisance so we filled the ice chest and are keeping it on the patio.  I do miss the refrigerator in the kitchen. We are both anxious to see how the SS looks vs. the white monster we now have.  I got the same style, French doors only this time we splurged and got ice and water in the door.  DH will love that.

I have to laugh at myself.  I have been tracking our rainfall for quite some time and all I could see was 1/4 to 1/2 inch in the gauge yet the west pond is so full we can see it from the house then I found a 5-gallon bucket near the chicken pen that had maybe 6-7 inches in it!  DH tells me that is the last several rainfalls.  I filled the gauge with a glass of water and in a couple of hours it was empty again.  I guess the dog mauling it caused a leak.  I need to find the glue........

West Pond

Tuesday and Wednesday

Ordinary cooler than normal rain.  I am putting off mowing until it warms more.  The daffodils are a disappointment this year.  I don't know if it is the results of  two years of drought or what.

I made myself make two aprons.  I wanted to include one for my Sis when I send her the last jar of  mincemeat.  Then I finally made the ties for the last two covers for the dining room chair.  I have material to do more aprons but outside Spring chores keeps calling to me so I put the machine away and tidied up the sewing room /aka Dining Room; put away the iron and ironing board and my house is now back  to its normal life.

I used the internet to locate a light for my 1960 era Kenmore sewing  machine!  I  was just thrilled when I found it. It has been burnt out for a couple of years now and I couldn't locate one locally.  I have been dragging a floor lamp to the machine each time I have to use it for something.  What a joy to just push a button.  I  am not looking to buy a new machine.  This thing sews beautifully and does all I need it to do.....why change.
The only negative is it is all metal and very heavy.  I have some difficulty lifting and lowering the head out of the table.  I can see the time in the near future where it will just stay up.

Nothing exciting going on in the kitchen.....I did make FlowerLady's cookies again.... This time I only added l cup of dried cranberries and chocolate chips (nuts and coconut in outside fridge).  We are enjoying them as usual.

to be cont'd (maybe).

Farm Note:

Jewel in heat 4/3/13


  1. Oh jeez, Glenda, where to start? Had to laugh at the rain gauge thing. I've had that happen too. Sorry to hear a llama died, but WHICH ONE? And then the 'fridge dying on Easter. What a (expensive) shame. At least you DID have a fall-back 'fridge of sorts. Be sure to post pics when the new one comes. Love the apron fabric. You can't have too much coffee - in any way, shape or form. :-D

    1. We have had too many of those appliance failures lately! Yes, glad the new fridge was in the Milk Parlor (another failed appliance last summer).

      I have two more pieces of cute fabric for aprons but really need another denim one to wear outside. I think I have one already cut out in the drawer.

      Will post pics of the new ss fridge next Monday or Tuesday.

    2. And which of the lovely LLAMA LADIES did you loose? Bette? Marlene?

  2. Glenda,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your llama dying. Our rain finally stopped, I think we got 4 to 5 inches and the temperatures are starting to warm up. Weatherman said something about snow next week.

    It never fails, when you least expect it to happen the refrigerator decides to act up and stop working. Good thing you have the extra refrigerator to fall back on.

    I love your new apron, the best part of it all it's homemade, not store bought.

    1. Wow, you got some very nice rain. Our weather is supposed to be very nice until next mid-week. I hope to get some serious outside work done.

  3. Dear Glenda ~ I was just wondering where you were and here is a post. Glad you and your hubby are doing well. Sorry to hear about the loss of your llama, and your fridge croaking on Easter too. Hope you like your new ss one.

    I love your apron. That is the kind I'd like to have. I think I would wear them a lot if I had them, inside and out. I have not used a sewing machine in many, many years, no reason to and sewing with a machine always made me tense up. I made a lot of my clothes as a teen and a newlywed.

    Glad you enjoy those cookies. You've got me wanting to make a batch. They would be great with coffee in the mornings.

    What is the red flowering plant next to your home? I love seeing your daffs in bloom. Not something I can grow here.

    Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

  4. That is not flowers; it is berries. The plant is nadina domestica or dwarf nandina. Some winters berries turn dark but this one they stayed bright red. I finally saw a robin eating on them last week.

    I love aprons...especially ones with large pockets. I have a denim one I like to wear outside while gardening.

  5. Love this rain we're getting; hopefully it continues on & off throughout the spring/summer 'cause goodness knows we don't need another scorching summer like last year.

    Sorry to hear about your llama :(

    Cute apron! Mine are getting all dingy & icky....time to make a new one.

  6. Enjoyed your update posting. You gave me up here in the north woods a real feeling of spring time. It will happen here but not for a while yet! Sorry about the loss of your llama . . . and refrigerator. Appliances can be so frustrating. I really don't think they're making them to last anymore. Your apron making reminds me I really want to make a couple for myself for wearing this summer. I have two, one of which is definite Christmas fabric and the other one I can't tie in the back by myself. (How useless is that?) I tend to ruin many of my tops with stains and spots so I neeeed to learn to wear an apron all the time.

    1. hey Mama Pea, you could add length to the ties of the apron you have, then, bring it around and tie in front. You've probably already thought of that, though.

  7. The apron looks great! I had to laugh about Willow's trick, however, I didn't know cows could do that sort of thing--never heard of that before.

  8. oh, I am just now figuring out what 'SS' means, the only thing I could think of was 'Sunday School'.... duh!