Thursday, April 11, 2013

Up very early this morning but I was asleep very early too so it all works out.

We got more rain late yesterday afternoon.  I dont' know how much yet but it was very heavy for a while.  I took a picture around 4:30 pm just before the storm hit.
Before the Storm 4/10/13 photo beforethestorm_zps62be13ef.jpg

Kris wanted to see  inside the new  fridge.  Her word is my command.  This is probably the neatest it will ever be.

This is the inside with both doors open.  I still have things to bring down from the Milk Parlor fridge.

and this is the bottom freezer.  I have not unbagged and sorted the contents yet.

This is the two doors.  The left door is configured differently to allow for the ice maker supply into the door.

This is my favorite  feature of these French Door fridges:  The tray.  This one isn't as large as the Kenmore but it doesn't have that slide up door that caused me lots of grief.

This one just slides in like a drawer.

Enough about the refrigerator; I just want it to work and last forever.

I bought in my flat of broccoli, petunias and borage.  I was afraid of the predicted freezing temperatures.
I will keep them inside under lights until this front passes.

I watered the trays yesterday evening late and that should last them a week.  I just run the trays about l inch  deep with tepid water and a bit of fertilizer; stir it up; swish it around and then let the containers just absorb it.  If much is left, I drain it off into a bed outside.

We did go to Bolivar yesterday as planned; got the ATV license and hit the Wal Mart that is next to the License Bureau.  I couldn't pass by the herbs they had outside the door:  They were $3.87 each but are in 6 inch pots and look very good.  There is Greek Oregano, Sweet Mint and Lemon Thyme.  The thyme probably isn't perennial here so I will try to remember to dig it and store it when I do the rosemary.

New herbs from WM photo IMG_0113_zps8c1c19ae.jpg

I will be baking  my Honey Whole Wheat bread again today.  I gave a loaf to  both installers since I had all the breads out cooling when they came and they commented about it......and they went above and beyond on the installation.  DH said they couldn't have his white I will be baking today.

Our hunt for the chickens was a bust.  We neither recognized anything at after about an hour of seeing some new scenery we just kept heading west toward Stockton Lake and highway 123....then headed south and back.  I may just go ahead and buy some young chicks and raise them.  I did see some Sex Links on Craig's List.  That will mean a 4-month wait for eggs but so be it.


  1. Your rain laden skies look a tad foreboding, but look how green your grass is.

    I love that pull out tray in your new fridge, I need to clean mine out after seeing the inside of yours. :-) I hope you will enjoy this for many years to come.

    Your new herbs look healthy. Your little chicks will be to you before you know it.

    Enjoy today dear heart.


  2. Wow, lookit all the space and bright lights inside your new fridge! And that tray is to lust after, for sure. :-D Bet the fridge is more economical to run, too.

    The Greek oregano overwinters here and so does most thymes and can mints actually BE killed? Tons of rain here with more on the way. Too bad you didn't find the chicken man. And gosh, I'm still wanting to know which of the llamas died (broken record here LOL).

  3. Glenda,

    Beautiful refrigerator with plenty of space, want to trade??

    I hope you don't get all that nastiness we received with the storm. Were still trying to warm up and thaw out here :-)

    Be safe and stay warm.

  4. I enjoyed snooping in your lovely new refrigerator. LOL I hope it works well.