Friday, April 19, 2013

We are in a warm and wet period of weather.  We got some rain overnight; don't know how much yet. A cold front is approaching now......who know what that will bring.

Saturday was spent cleaning house; MIL is coming for Sunday dinner.  We also mowed for the second time.  DH did most of  it;  I just mowed around the each side of the house.  I also cleaned out the south side of the Ash Tree Bed and started the large Hummingbird bed by the drive.  I hope to  work on it today if the rain doesn't stop me.


Monday 4/15/13

Taxes were mailed on Saturday; I never every mail early if I owe!

Sunday we had MIL out for a steak dinner. She is an amazing woman; insisted on driving herself out here. DH said let her be independent as long as she can be and not insist we come get her.

Monday turned out to be a nice day, cool but nice to work outside. I was greeted with my tray of broccoli and pot of petunias scattered all over the yard by Sugar! I recovered most of the broccoli and just planted them in the garden; the pot of petunias have not been found yet.

I also re-tilled and planted two bunches of onion; now just 4 more to go. I had an epiphany about the problem grass sod.....I will plant the onions in the east end of the garden that is weed and sod free. Then I can just till and re-till the west end and maybe it will be plantable by mid-May when warm season things go in here. I hope to get all the onions planted today.

I also got all or most of the hand weeding done in the HB bed by the drive. Now I can string trim way low to get the rest of the bed. I had to be very careful around the clumps of lilies when pulling weeds. They are so tender that they break easily. I should have enough lilies to do some dividing. They have spread into some very large clumps.

DH was going to hook up the garden cart and help but a belt broke on the mower (see why I need two riders?) We then had a flat on the trailer that he had to run into town to get fixed. By then we were too tired to use the pulley to put it on the trailer. The belt that broke won't let the mower move under power at all. So we use the fencing thing to crank it up....not an easy job. We may get that done this afternoon.

It looks very rainy and we might loose the day to the weather.

BTW, we got 5 eggs yesterday. Most of the new girls are laying. Their eggs are a pale brown and still not full size.

Another to do job is make a batch of granola. I need to find my wheat germ that got misplaced during the refrigerator episode.....maybe still out in the milk parlor.

This is milking morning. Willow has been increasing in volume due, no doubt, to the new grass she is getting now.

Tuesday and Wednesday

Tilled some. 

Made the granola

We loaded up the mower and went back to Bolivar with it. They are running 3 weeks behind. I am so glad we bought the second mower last year. I knew we would really need it sooner or later.

I planted the other 4 bunches of Candy onions. I really should have watered them in but we are under a tornado watch so I am hoping it will rain. If not, I can water tomorrow. I was able to get another row in the west end and then did the other two on the east end where there was no grass sod to deal with.

I am woefully behind with trimming. I see my young redbud in the front yard (a seedling I replanted)is blooming nicely.

The plants under the lights are finally growing.

Thursday April 18, 2013

The Gods were with me. We got 1.75 inches of rain so I won't be watering I am so glad I got the last of the onions in.

We did have some lightening so the internet was gone until a few minutes ago.

I dropped my cell phone yesterday while helping load the now I need a new phone. We are going to do that and some more errands if I can get the helpmeet motivated!
 Got him moving; we got a new phone for me and then went across the street to Wal Mart and picked up a few items.

The cold front came in during the day and we dropped to the 40's quickly.


  1. It's nice to see spring happening there at the farm. I love your redbud, very pretty.

    Nice to hear that Willow is giving you more milk these days.

    Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. Isn't it nice when you plant something and then it rains? What a treat. Glad the onions got a good soak. Sorry to hear about the mower and phone. But just think how those repairs/replacement help the economy. (<= heavy sarcastic comment :-/) Glad you're beds are shaping up. We both seem to be having the same bi-polar weather. Only up to 39 yesterday and now 24 this morning. At least the sun is shining (here). Hang in there.