Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Cool Tuesday Morning in July

Our cool front has arrived and it is delightful!  Of course that means a lot of dew so I won't be working outside until much later in the day.

I did my early morning walkabout and snapped some pictures that caught my eye.

First, the shrub border that isn't! 

This was a clean-sweep by the yard crew of two.  I did leave a couple of young lilacs and the Golden Vicaryi (hidden behind the weigela at the corner of the drive.

They are taking today off but will be here tomorrow morning to paint the garage roof.  I am also having them remove , including the blackberry patch, the jungle growing behind the garage. 

The retired gentleman likes to work about 20 hours a week and his grandson is available now and then.  I can't keep him busy that much but it will be great to have someone I can call for various things.


We now have 10 acres baled and about 25 cut.  I think they are raking now but I haven't been out to check.  DH is going back shortly to see where they are.

We are very dry again but, selfishly, are hoping for dry until our hay is finished.

Random Pictures from morning walk

I almost missed seeing this one.  It is ready to harvest.

I am surprised by the phlox doing so well as hot and dry as it has been.  I think I have watered this bed a couple of times.

I thought my Tiger Lilies had died out but I have two clumps.  This is across the drive from the phlox bed.


  1. I am not sure which I like more, Glenda...the phlox or the tiger lilies...Hmmm, since I have phlox, I decided on the lilies!!! Your place looks wonderful and am so glad you found the extra help...:)JP

    1. I love the tigers too. They now have various colors which I think I may order.
      Lilies are pretty much DIY'ers here.

      I am glad I found the help too!!

  2. Glad you have found some dependable help.

    Everything is looking good there and I hope it stays dry enough for you to finish with the hay.

    Enjoy the rest of your week ~ FlowerLady

    1. I am keeping my fingers crossed with the help. Sometimes it works well for few days and then it evaporated into the Ozarks air!

      Hope you have a super week too.

  3. Next year I'm having more Phlox. I'm seeing Phlox on so many blogs and mine would be so much better moved out into more sunshine.Your Phlox are so pretty. I just have the common old magenta pink but they go well with the companions where they will grow next year.

    The Tiger Lilies are a show by themselves.

    Great that you have help. I waver between wanting more planted areas and thinking just to let the bulldozer run over the whole thing. When the weather's cooler I won't do that.

    1. Jean, I have had them clear-cut the long garage wall bed and I have eliminated the long and wide drive way bed. I am concentrating only on things close to the house.

      The phlox seem to hybridize themselves. I know I had more various colors but at least the purple shades vary. I want to order a couple of white ones to break up the lavenders.

      I have almost let the bulldozer (two-man crew) go wild here but so be it. I get very antsy and hard to live with when things get out of my control and look shabby! (I should say shabbier).

  4. Glenda,

    I love walking with you in the morning (looking at your pictures).

    Your Tiger Lilies are gorgeous, this is the first time I've seen Tiger ones.

    I'm enjoying this cooler weather too, I hope it stays this way for a couple of days.

    Send your helpers this way, lol......we could surely use the help.

    1. Sandy, I will be lucky if they stay here long enough to finish with my list. I am making myself post more. I enjoy sharing and need to keep at it....instead of laboring away and reading!

  5. Polar vortex weather here, too. Only 49F this morning! Brrr. We got 12" rain in June. So far only .5" in July and things are drying up. Storms get big in Illinois & Indiana, then peter out before getting to us. We could use a good soaker. The rain barrels are nearly empty and I'm using well water on some things. Still, cool and dry is better for working outside. Hope you get all that hay in safely. Glad you've got some helpers! Hope they stick with it.

    1. Mo too Kris. I didn't realize you had dried up too. I will be watering this morning....again.

      It was around 60° here this morning; not nearly as cold as predicted.