Saturday, July 19, 2014

Another Day in the Life......

We are still in our cooler spell.  I was a little chilly during my walkabout this morning.

Our work crew just did 4 hours  yesterday and won't be back until Monday when they will paint the garage roof.  They got a lot accomplished in 4 hours.

This all that remains of the monster Elm tree downed by a tornado several years ago.  It was still alive when they began. 

I thinks he has gone as far as he can with it.  I hope it will  die now!

This is what I see from the garden now....used to be almost a solid wall of sapling trees 8 feet tall, brambles, poke weed, and various other weeds.

This is taken from another angle to show the huge amount of clean ground I now have.  I am standing on the west end looking northeast.

I think I will make this the new berry patch so I can keep a closer eye one it than way out back in the orchard proper.  Speaking of berries, I knew I would wait until cooler weather to plant my new 6 little potted Kiowa blackberries so I re-potted them in gallon size pots and have them in afternoon shade until I am ready.

I spent the morning cleaning the garden fence  row and picking my first small harvest besides the green beans from a few days ago.

A few Jalapeno, bell and cheese peppers, onion, volunteer cucumbars and one eggplant. I think there was a handful of green beans.  This new kind will never be planted again.  I am sticking  to Trail of Tears and Fortex.

I am pretty sure the eggplant was  Rosa Bianca and true to the description, no bitterness and was delicious.
Even  my non-veggie eating GD liked it! I just sliced it  tossed  it with salt and when the griddle was hot, rinsed it off, coated the griddle with oil and fried it until tender.  We tossed  parmesan cheese on top to eat.
Unfortunately the  big one came alone and the others are just blooms now. 

I want to try sauteing, yellow squash, onion and a variety of peppers for lunch.  Still no tomatoes but I hear a local neighbor has sweet corn and we may have  to buy some.  My corn is just now filling out.

Late in the afternoon, I made an angel food cake.  I had a surplus of eggs and still have two dozen ahead.
From cooking

The GD and friends went frog gigging last night and only got three.  I have warned  them I will not cook frog legs!!!


  1. Omigosh, Glenda. Lookit you guys go! Terra-forming! LOL Terrific. Aren't you glad you're in a dry spell now? I couldn't imagine you'd enjoy it this much if you were up to your ankles in mud. You're like me, you not only see what has been removed, but already making plans what to fill the space with! Like me, I'm jumping for joy about the the privacy fence extension, but even more -- the garden that will appear in front of it.... Oh gosh that Angle cake looks great. With berries? Lemon glaze? I can only imagine. I've never eaten eggplant. Are they hard to grow? You make that Rosa Bianca sound like it might be the one for me to try.

    1. Not hard at all. You just wait until it is very warm to plant out. Start seeds indoors 6-8 weeks ahead.
      Flea beetles love them so I dust with Seven a few times to keep them protected. Just don't buy that black one everyone sells....

    2. I don't use chemical pesticides, so I'd probably just net them. Maybe next year when I move the vegs to the arbor bed. I hope you got some good firewood out of that elm.

  2. I'm with you I will not cook frog or eat them!!

    Our grand kids call angel food cake, angel cake!

    1. Whatever you call the cake, we do love it. Yep no frog legs in my house to cook or eat!

  3. Glenda,


    No frog legs :-(

    I'm heading to you house for angel food cake. I can bring plenty of frogs :-)

    1. Welcome to share the cake but please keep your frogs!!

  4. That angel food cake looks delicious! My Mom had a pan just like yours, and I remember so well, how much fun it was to scrape the edges when she'd take it out of the pan. Yummm!

    1. Our GD likes to scrape that brown crust off and eat it!