Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summer Thus Far...............

As you may know our 19-year old granddaughter is spending summer this us.  We have been waiting all summer to get our hay cut.   We have killed 5 or 6 weeks waiting for a paint contractor to show up to paint the shop roof and some trim..............(the story there was another local man was going to do the painting then his alcoholic painter quit.  he suggested we try to find someone else but assured us he would be back  to do some various other work.

In the meantime I have been trying to keep the yard and garden going while both trimmers were in the shop.

I couldn't seem to find the time to blog and truthfully wasn't in the mood most days!!!!  I won't elaborate but it has been a very long summer.

To  catch up somewhat:  The new paint contractor failed to show and then when I chased them down decided they were just too busy....the old crew showed up and we threw ourselves on their mercy about going ahead with the paint job plus the other jobs.  Much to our delight the older of the crew (FIL) and his 15-year old grandson have been here part of 3 days and have done a fantastic job of everything so far.l  I wish I had taken before pictures of the growth around the shop but I didn't.  Suffice it to say there were sapling trees and poke 10 feet tall and Bermuda grass up to my waist.

Here is what they did:

The middle picture used to be a pile of brush left there from over a month ago by this same crew (the younger man did the cutting while the FIL painted the milk parlor)

They will be back Monday.  We are very pleased and I hope to keep them busy until I have everything shipshape.  Maybe then with the assistance of herbicides I can cope.

The garden is coming along nicely.  No tomatoes yet but cheese peppers, jalapenos, onions, garlic and cucumbers and squash.  I have harvested a lot of the onions and all of the garlic.  The onions were very disappointing in size.  They were the smallest plants Dixondale has ever sent and the season was not normal, wetter and cooler in the beginning then hot and zero moisture for a very  long time.  Corn has lots of ears but I am a long way from harvest. 

I have been baking more than usual.  I did two new recipes there were a big success.  One was a new sour cream coffee cake and the other was a soft sugar cookie with icing.  In fact, I am going to make it again this weekend.   Max even said he liked it better  than peanut butter cookies.  I almost fainted!

Here is the corn patch:

Well, I see blogger and Picasa have re-invented themselves since I last posted and the computer is  in a snit! so now I am.

Until next time, have a super weekend!


  1. Honestly, Glenda, why is it SO hard to find people to do work? There is so much talk of folks not finding work, yet waving $$ around and offering work is ignored. (My carpenter friend has been working so much overtime on his steel mill job because they can't find people to hire! 400 applied for 50 positions, but only 12 got hired because the others couldn't pass drug tests! And a couple who did get hired quit after a couple weeks. It says something, I"m afraid.) I'm sorry your summer isn't what you'd hoped and we are all dealing with weather (too hot, too wet, too dry, etc.). I'm glad you're enjoying your GD's stay and the baking is such a success. Hope these painter guys stick around to get the job done. Both trimmers in the shop at once? Ouch! Take care. Keep your chin up.

  2. Than k you; it took me forever to change the picture. I fear my computer may be having issues again.