Thursday, July 17, 2014

Clean-up Continues

Another wonderfully cool morning.  We set a record low yesterday at 53°!  We are loving it.

The only exciting happenings here are hay is being baled,  only 30 acres left with no rain on it thus far, and

the yard crew is still doing  a fantastic job.  I am almost delirious over it... silly I know but this has been driving me crazy as you all can probably tell.

First I will show some pictures of yesterday's work.  I see he just drove up minus the grandson.  That will slow him down some.

This area behind the garden proper was a  complete jungle since the previous crew had left piled up brush so I couldn't mow  around it.  I had them clear everything including the gone wild berry patch.  He was clever enough to leave a two-year old peach seedling from  my Red Haven peach and a few good sized clumps of blackberries.  He use to work for a landscape person and it shows!

See it now!  I wish I had taken a before picture but I was so shamed by it that I didn't!

This is the giant drainage  ditch we  used when we  were milking, it was completely covered with brush and saplings.

I can now mow it all with the riding mower set on high.

Still not finished with the back garden project,  but I will keep you updated.

I did my morning tour.  The grass was incredibly wet, but I wore my Muck boots.

Random Pictures

There have  been some butterflies here, hallelujah!

This is my next job:  Weeding and re-mulching this fence border.
I am also fighting an onslaught of Japanese Beetles.  I picked a coffee cup full and gave to the delighted chickens yesterday evening.

Today will be mostly spent on errands, my least favorite thing to do.

I did make bread yesterday which always makes me happy.


  1. Glenda,

    Your place looks beautiful!!!

    I hate those darn beetle bugs............................

    1. We seem to have more each day.

      Thank you; the place sure looks better after all the work they have done.

  2. I feel your joy at having 'wilderness' conquered.

    What a show that must be, chickens feasting on Junebugs.


    1. They have even made more inroads today! the old Elm stump is almost gone.

      I love to watch the chickens dive on the bugs.

  3. Cleaning up always feels good. I know what you mean about not wanting to show 'before' photos. I did take some this morning though, and then took a photo after a couple of hours work, which was all I could stand with the heat and humidity. I then worked in a shady area for another hour, then I was pooped.

    I love your header photo and your flower bed along the fence line is very nice too.

    I bet the chickens enjoyed the June bugs. I'm thankful we don't have them down here. I did see a monster grasshopper the other day though, hope I don't see more of his ilk.

    Making bread sound good for body and soul. Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

    1. Baking is always good for my soul......not cooking.....baking! I am seeing some small grasshoppers now here.

  4. Wish I had some chickens to eat Japanese beetles! They are here, too but really after the long polar winter, there are very few bugs this year. Yay. Also only a few bees & butterflies. Boo. 4th day of nighttime below 50 and daytimes high 60s and very dry. Wonderful to work outside. Doing a lot of watering. As you can see on my blog - I've gotten some important outside stuff done too! I can share your excitement when big things finally get done! Take care...

    1. P.S. I think only part of your intended comment registered on my post today....