Sunday, November 23, 2014

Feeding the Birds Again

It is a dreary drizzly day here, but not very cold.  Looks like the heavy rains may have missed us.

The chickens have begun their off season of laying, the molt.  We are getting 2 or  3 a day now which may keep just the two of us supplied but we may have to supplement from the store.

I hope I have enough for pies for Thanksgiving.

Our granddaughter got in Friday night and will be with us for a week.  They get a full week over Thanksgiving.  She is thrilled because she has very little homework for a change.  We won't see her much I am sure.

The puppies are growing, barking, growling and getting out of the nest.  I am already thinking of doing an impromptu wire pen outside the building so they can get some sunshine but not wander off.

I am trying to handle them each day so they will know what humans are.....

I put out sunflower seeds and the birds are visiting regularly.  I need to buy wild bird seeds for the small birds but so far, they seem to be handling the sunflower seeds.

The birdbath is very close to the feeder hanging outside the window over the sink.

From Birds of 2014

From Birds of 2014


  1. Puppies and birds! You've won my heart.

  2. Oh lucky you - bluebirds! I've only seen a couple all my life. Lots of junkos here right now.

  3. No!!! I love those puppies. I have six dogs, don't need anymore. I love those puppies!

    Thanks for coming by. I need several hired hands here.