Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Pasta and Puppies

It is a very cool and wet day here on the farm.  We got a lovely l.25 inches of rain yesterday.  Today will be a high 50's day.

New events:  The Beagle had her puppies!  3 little butterballs

I treated myself to the pasta attachment for my Kitchen Aid Mixer.  I know it is silly for just us but I have always wanted a  pasta machine.  I did economize and bought it from Amazon  Warehouse at about $60 discount.

First the puppies.

She had them about4-5 days ago.  It took me two days to find them.....she kept coming out of the big barn so I followed her in and  found them in the far north stall snuggled down in a nest of straw.

I didn't  touch them the first time but took a few pictures.  She seems to be a very good mother.

I took these this morning.  I enlisted my grumbling mate to hold them for me....he wanted me to do it but I was afraid I might list sideways and drop one (uneven footing isn't good for me with the knee and dizziness) so I played my poor me card and he did it.

I see he picked up the same white faced brown one twice.  The second brown one has no spots and you can see it (don't know sex yet) in the group shot.  They wiggled and sounded like little kittens the whole time we were fooling with them.  The mama was not overly concerned which was good.

Puppy No. 1:

Puppy No. 2

Puppy NO. 3 is the solid brown with no white on its face.

and now the kitchen fun: 

I got the flat roller, the fettucini and the spaghetti cutters.

I used the recipe in the Kitchen Aid book that came with the set....made a lot of pasta.  I probably won't do that again, but the entire process didn't  take long from start to finish.

I kept one long flat sheet out and cut it with my pizza cutter for large egg noodles.  I sprinkled it with flour and folded it in thirds and cut it very quickly.  I cooked them for lunch and was really satisfied with the taste and texture.  It seemed that every time I made them by hand, I could never roll them thin enough.

I also (as  you can see) bought the cheap version of a pasta rack.  It works fine  for me.

This is one of those things that you do not need in the kitchen, but it was a lot of fun.  DH even came in and watched me.

Now what I need to find out is the best way to preserve the extra pasta.  I dried it and they broke a lot when I slipped them off the rack to bag....If any of you do this, please let me know how you manage it......or am I the only nut in the kitchen!


  1. Yay for the pasta equipment! You should have anything in the kitchen you want. I hope some pasta experts read your blog or you can go searching for perservation methods when you have time.

    The puppies are precious. I told He-who-mows the other night that the most fun I remember having in an everyday sort of way was when we had neighbors who raised Bostons.

    The time change has upset our pets. The cat is ready to eat supper at 4 pm and the dog is ready for her treat and bedtime an hour early. They just cannot understand it but as we made them wait they have finally kind of resigned themselves that we are just old meanies but not without some days of complaining.

    1. Jean, the time change has upset is 4:36 pm and I could go to bed right now! Of course I was up at 3 AM. It is just ridiculous.

      These will be the first puppies we have ever raised. All our dogs were neutered and spayed asap. All the grands are so excited to see them over Thanksgiving and they are 13, 15, 16, and 19! They are all animal lovers.

      My Sis tells me to just let the pasta dry so it doesn't stick but is still flexible and then bag and freeze. Makes sense; why didn't I think of that?

  2. The puppies are adorable! It will be fun seeing them as they grow.

    Congrats on your pasta making. It must have been fun and rewarding.

    Enjoy your week ~ FlowerLady

  3. Sweet puppies.

    You are far more ambitious than I am in the kitchen.

    1. Gail, remember I am sort of a shut - in these days because of the knee. Of course, I have never needed an excuse to cook!

  4. Wow what a fun pasta project, Glenda. Isn't it nice when something you always wanted to try turns out well the first time? I made spelt pasta once. Storing was the same as you - lots of broken pieces. It almost like you have to have the proper length box at hand and then slide all the dried ones in there at the same time. But you can't beat fresh pasta, hands down. Will you be keeping the puppies?

    1. Kris, if they are monster large dogs, we probably will just keep them and let them run loose on the farm.
      All will be spayed and neutered....unlike the cats that got quite out of hand!

      My Sis said she freezes hers by just letting them dry so they don't stick but are still flexible. She makes several batches of egg noodles over Thanksgiving and makes them ahead and freezes them.

    2. The pups don't look like beagle (coloring, etc). Bet there is some pit bull in them. How is Sugar liking them?

    3. Sugar hasn't met them yet! Pit Bull, I never thought of that one. I have no idea what she was exposed to. Be interesting to see.

  5. Okay I'm jeolous, pasta maker, maybe someday I will buy one.

    Puppies and their mama look sweet.

  6. Glenda,

    Congrats on the new puppies, they're adorable.
    Making your own pasta, now how cool is that.....

  7. Glenda when we make pasta, we only make enough to use for manicotti that we stuff and then freeze, which reminds me, We'll. have to do that soon! Congrats on the pups...beautiful creatures and with a good mom they will be good dogs....:)JP

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