Monday, November 10, 2014

Winter May be Here

We are going to be much colder than usual for the next two weeks, even down in the 20's at night. Brrrrr!  Glad we filled the propane tank a couple of weeks ago.

The  leaves are  still falling.  I love how the west yard looks when it is covered.   The best that  I will do and that is a maybe  is mowing them into a windrow throwing next to something that could use the mulch.  I don't  rake and I don't bag.  I often think it is good that we live on a farm and have a 'farm' style yard.  No neighborhood organizations  to remind me  of how untidy I garden. 

The Red Maple is just showing color on one section ??? hope it finishes.

The Pin Oak has a good color this year:

and I have one burning bush left after the front ditch renovation.  This is a seedling nearer  the front tree and  shrub  border in the front  yard.

and the redbud has no leaves but I like the looks of all the seeds.  You can see why it sprouts up all over the yard.


I was happy to see a nice difference in the yolks of the eggs when I was able to let the range  for a while.  Even DH could see the difference.  I believe  the darker the yolk the better for you the egg.

Of course that little project  came to an end when one of the 'gifted' chickens began eating an egg a day in the nest.  DH thought he knew which one and tossed her  feathered fanny out into the grassy pen.  The problems seems  to be resolved....then yesterday the eggs were dirtier than usual so now we are wondering.  This morning I am going to make a little alley to the back of the larger pen so the main flock can graze again.   Grazing will soon be over because of the freezing temperatures.

This area is now almost bare of green things.  It is amazing how much they can eat.

Puppies are thriving.


  1. Glenda,

    Winter has been knocking at our doors. The winds have picked up substantially here, causing all those beautiful colored leaves to fall. Were expecting really cold temperatures here starting late this evening.

    It's always to have fresh eggs with deep colored yolks.

    How big are the puppies now?

  2. Yesterday it was over 60. Today barely 40s and 30s-40s will be the norm until the end of the year now. Wow. Winter has come early, come hard and will start dropping snow tomorrow. Thank goodness I'm all done outside. How do your chickens keep warm in winter? Do they go outside in cold weather? Do you keep a light in the coop to keep them laying eggs during the cold? I'm glad they've gotten as much time on grass as they have. Bet they're mighty glad. Hope you are able to get what outside stuff you want to get done before 'closing shop' for the season. Take care.

  3. Winter weather has arrived here. I hope we don't get the snow they are talking about. I'm so not ready for that!
    I don't like to rake leaves and tell BG that the leaves are fertilizer for the grass, so just leave them. He tries to get most of them up anyway, but this year we haven't had time to do it. Luckily, we live in at the edge of town where no one really cares if we have too many leaves in the yard!