Friday, November 14, 2014

Winterizing and Moving Puppies

Today has been slightly warmer so I decided to get  some  more winterizing  done.  DH is not really a detail man...................

Yesterday I rewired the heater for  the chicken waterer.  Those things never  last over a few years and they are grossly expensive  for what they are.  It was sort of  an unlovely fix, but it works.  No frozen water  this morning.  I also drug the long outdoor  extension  cord out to the chicken house so both the  heater and a light could be accommodated.  Of  course, the hens thanked me  by cutting production in half!!!

I bought a heat lamp for the puppies and we got them relocated today to the east sheds.  The brown one with white on her face seems to be the most lively so far.  They are beginning to get  their eyes open when they aren't squinting them....and are  more active.  I hope they don't wander out of the box/nest.   DH says Mama will see to them.  I hope he is right.

This one once disturbed decided to find a snack,

and had great success,

I had a busy morning before it warmed up enough to venture outside.

I made a batch of peach  and  strawberry jam for the kids.  I  also made a small apple tart for us.

From Food

The skimmings are always reserved for the chef....and her mate:

The foamy stuff is a little tarter but  very tasty.

From Food

and the tart,

I was out of frozen crust so I made up the batch of Nathan's  Never-Fail Recipe (6 crusts) so I now have my crusts in the freezer for Thanksgiving.

I am finished for the day.

Tomorrow I will move  some potted things I didn't get planted to the Milk Parlor for the winter.


  1. Sounds like winter has arrived. Mama will see to the puppies, yes. Your jams look delicious and the tart to die for.

    You asked on my blog if we burn wood. There hasn't been a wood-burning heater here in years and years and the fireplace was boarded up as dangerous 20 years ago. We heat the house with a heat pump and supplemental LP gas that kicks in at 38.º I'm sure there are people who need the wood from the fallen trees but they want it cut in short lengths, split and delivered which old people are just not able to do. He just sawed lengths that the tractor could handle to pile it. He-Who- Saws is complaining of pain in his hand today. As my nephew says, Growing old is a pain.

  2. Looks good as those pups! ...:)JP

  3. Oh, Glenda, it's so nice to be able to come to your kitchen again. Cute puppies, too.

    Hey, have you ever tried about a teaspoon of butter or margarine in the jam pan to eliminate that foam? That's what I do.

  4. Glenda,

    Your puppies are adorable, they'll stay nice and warm laying with the heat lamp. When my husband leaves his recliner, our dog jumps up in his chair and pulls down the heating pad (which is on the back of the recliner). Once the dog pulls down the heating pad he maneuvers it so he can lay on it and have it fold over the top of him. This way he's encompassed inside the entire pad. This dog loves the warmth.

    Your jams and tart looks good. Maybe I should grab some coffee beans and head your way :-)