Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fresh cup of coffee at the computer, breakfast over, and I will blog.  That used to be my routine and it worked for a long time.

I still have some aches and pains but have decided that it is something I  will just have to adjust to.  I had a little conflict with my doctor and it left me feeling less than happy with him.  He called me hyper!  I know I am Type A but I am certainly not hyper. He did not make a life-long friend or happy patient.  I will now just tolerate him.....and may be forced to ask for another doctor if and when I need one.

We have had some excitement on the farm since last we visited.  We had the fencing man back to cut up a downed tree and remove some downed limbs.  I had done several but we thought since he was at the neighbors we would take advantage.

I was sitting at my desk and saw his truck running across the front yard at a pretty good speed and he was chasing it (a loosing battle); truck crossed the drive and headed to the east fence by the cellar.  He fell right beside the truck and it grazed him.  I thought it was going to run over his body.  It happened so fast.  My new east fence stopped  the truck. It took out my purple smoke tree and broke a wire on the new east fence.  The sad thing is, the truck is a 1972 junker; he had to lift the hood to start it and it jumped out of gear and took off.  I guess the accelerator stuck.  He even tried to climb in the window because the door had slammed to and  locked!  I am guessing no insurance of any kind. I am so relieved he wasn't injured.  He has already repaired the fence, the smoke tree is cut way down, hopefully to  return.

And now more pleasant things,  my rose cutting of the Aloha is blooming.  My sis took several from my bush before it succumbed to Rose Rosette Disease and they took.  She sent me three last year and two have thrived.

I see this rose is now  available  commercially.  I can't praise it enough.  Very fragrant, glossy leaves and a lovely two tone pin.  It is very doubled:

I planted them on the garden fence next  to the white clematis.

Speaking of clematis, all of mine have re-bloomed a little this fall. 

This is the back side of Harlow Carr on the garden fence:
From blog Oct 21 2015


  1. Fall roses are the prettiest, I think.

    Mama used to call our aches and pains, "Infirmities of Old Age."

    Glad the mishap with the truck and the fence did not turn out as badly as it could have.

    1. That is a good description.....and there just isn't much you can do but accept them gracefully.

      DH and I laugh that each week brings something new. I think he handles is better than I do.

  2. Your rose is beautiful!

    Glad the man wasn't hurt. It's like a comedy of errors.

    Happy Fall ~ FlowerLady

  3. Your fence man was very blessed.

    Your rose is gorgeous.

    1. The tree man was back yesterday and did more work. I still get shaky thinking about it.

      That rose is from a cutting from my maternal grandmother that I got back in the 60's. Mine died out but my Iowa Sis's rose from a cutting that I gave her survived.

  4. Yes, your fence man was very lucky! What a situation . . .

    Your rose is beautiful, as are all your flowers. You really do have a green thumb when it comes to blooming things!

  5. No green thumb I am afraid but maybe persistence and knowing when to give up. Some things I have tried over and over and failed and I finally realized I should quit!

  6. When I first read it I didn't realize the truck was empty and that the owner was chasing it! Good grief. Glad no one was hurt, but sorry about the smoke tree. My H.F.Young clematis did not rebloom this year - I'm betting it might have had I cut it back after that spectacular bloom in spring. Too bad that a lot of doctors don't give patients any credit or brains. Remember when MY doctor said all my symptoms were in my head and that the only recommendation she would give me is a psychiatrist for my hyper-stress? That's why I have a new GP now (and Hashimoto diagnosis - stupid #&%# - she let me get so far gone before I found out what it was. Thankfully she's retired now and can't hurt anyone else.). Hang in there, don't let a Dr. tell you it's all in your head! And yeah, we learn to live with as much pain as we can while we do the things we love/need to do. Gorgeous rose!

  7. Glenda,

    It must have been a terrible site to see your handyman chasing the truck. Thank God he's okay!!!
    Love your roses!