Saturday, February 6, 2016

Jewel Calved

Up at my usual 3 AM.  Read in chair until Max got up and turned on the coffee.  He sets it up the night before but I wait until he is up because I want it fresh for him. 

Today is sunny and will be warmer than yesterday.

We had MIL out for Max's birthday dinner.  He requested a fried chicken dinner and that is what he got.  Chicken and gravy, mashed potatoes, peas, cole slaw, deviled eggs, hot rolls and chocolate cake.  I will not be cooking today! or maybe all weekend. 

She was ready to leave by 2:30.  I think she is now more comfortable at the assisted living  place than anywhere else unless it is a trip to Branson or some restaurant.  Whenever their bus goes, she is ready.

Max told me Jewel, the Jersey milk cow, was starting to calve.  She is in the lot on the west side of the house. She was finished l0 minutes later with a dark red bull calf this time.  She had a heifer last year.  She must have bred back on her first heat.  I never see her in heat or bred so it is a guessing game.  Baby was up and nursing within minutes.

That large red head in the background is her last year's huge heifer calf looking on.  So far, she hasn't attempted to nurse but we will be watching her closely. 

This shot shows her last year's calf and the baby nursing on the far side.

We have two in that lot that need to be de-horned (thanks to the Jersey breeding).

I took my first walk since the Prednisone has worn off somewhat.  I walked west down to the pond near our west border.

Took some miscellaneous shots of the cows that are currently grazing some stockpiled grass by the pond and in the north field behind the pond area.

Tried to catch Max checking the cows in the truck but couldn't see with the sun on the camera so barely got him in the picture

 This is what cows always do when  they don't turn tail and run when someone new shows up.  They turn and stare at the strange new thing (me).


  1. What a little cutie the bull is. Hard to believe the heifer from last year is as big as she is. You can tell I've not been around cattle much. They always make me feel happy when I see them.

    Have a great weekend and belated happy birthday greetings to Max.

    Love and hugs to you dear Glenda ~ FlowerLady

    1. Thank you.

      I love watching the cattle too. I don't do anything to take care of them; that is Max's job.

  2. I love seeing pictures of your farm and cattle. Even at this time of year, between winter and spring for you, the farm has a very peaceful look to it.

    Good to hear you've been able to get out and about. Fresh air and a little exercise is always good for the soul.

    My goodness, Jewel has quite the impressive bag on her! That new little guy should grow fast and healthy with all that mama's milk.

    1. He will have to share with us as Willow is due to be dried up. We will start milking her next Thursday so more will follow on that project!

  3. Enjoyed this post immensely. Jewel has great looking calves. Will you keep the half-grown one for milking, too?

    If things go as planned with Farmer Danny, we'll have cows to watch sometime soon but none of the work associated with them.

    They are curious, aren't they? Skittish little beef calves will sometimes come up close. If you can ever touch one's nose, he'll get friendly and let you pet him soon.

  4. We will probably just use her in with the beef herd but she could be a milker. One is enough for us. There is a big demand now for family milk cows but would hate to see her go to a home where they didn't take good care of her.

    You will enjoy watching them. Max still refuses to give them up....I don't take part in any of the real work with them..

  5. Well, sounds like good news all around. Glad you are off the prednisone and out and about. I feared side effects when they put Mom on prednisone for the bronchitis. Thankfully it was such a low dose there were no probs. Looking forward to Jewel milk posts in future. I like your cattle pics too! Temps falling again this week - daytime 20s and nights in teens and single digits. No snow yet, but maybe some later in week.

    1. Kris, I have never had bad reactions to Prednisone until this time and the doctor kept telling me it wasn't it because it was such a low dose....I still think it was.

      It is colder here and with 40+ mph winds you don't want to be outside!

  6. Jewel is aptly named! Another healthy calf. There are longhorn cattle in the field along the road that leads to the highway from our place. On Wednesday, we saw three calves and I SO wished I had my camera. Took my camera the next time but they were not there then. Bummer!

    I think there would be a big market for milk if you chose to sell it. But I guess you'd have to have all kinds of special licenses to do that. If I lived closer, I'd sure buy a "share" of Jewel so I could have some of that wonderful Jersey milk and cream!

    Glad you're off the Pred. It will take awhile to build yourself back up, just take things a day at a time and don't overdo. Hugs xoxoxo

    1. I wouldn't sell milk because I don't want to deal with the public. We will continue just to milk when we need it and let the calf have the rest. It remains to be seen if she will give too much milk for the calf and us.....then something else will have to be done.

      No danger of me overdoing! I don't feel that good!

  7. Another beauty for Jewel and you, Glenda!! Hoping you are on the road to a full recovery!!...:)JP

  8. Glenda,

    Beautiful cows! I love their colors, and Jewels calf is just gorgeous.
    Take care, sending hugs.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Sandy. I wish I knew which young bull was his daddy.