Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Story Behind a Rose and other Everyday things

We just got a very nice rain and I don't think it is finished.

I knew it was coming so about 6:30 AM I dashed out and planted some zinnias, cosmos and some very old cleome seeds. I had prepped the beds yesterday so I was ready to go.  I even finished in time for my daughter's morning call.  She calls most mornings on the way to work and  I don't feel like my day goes forward as well as days she doesn't call.

I also got two kinds of pole beans planted yesterday and the lettuce bed cleaned out.

The above is a close up of an heirloom lettuce that is a first for me, Grandpa Admire.  I love it and will be planting it again.  The first red is Beaulah Rose and the other just called red romaine.  Love them both.

A Rose Story

We moved to the country way back in 1976.  That first year or so my paternal grandmother gave me a cutting of a rose.  She didn't know the name, just knew it was a good one.  It was.  It grew to about 5 feet tall with a gorgeous double, very fragrant bloom. I kept it for a very long time and researched it and decided  it was the rose Aloha.  I am very confident in that identity.

I took cuttings.....moved a couple to the new farm back in 1992.  It grew well and bloomed  for me for many years....I took cuttings and gave to my Iowa Sis.  Then disaster hit  the rose.  Rose Rosette Disease.    Thankfully my Sis took some cuttings for me and two years ago I planted them in the garden fence border.  This is year it has really taken off.  I will be taking cuttings again just to be on the safe side.  So I have  had this rose in its many lives since 1976.....

Since I took this photo, the cutting on the left (I have two) has shot up about 36 inches.  I am a happy gardener.  I wish you could smell it.


I made bread yesterday and Max made a strange request.  He wanted it all in bun shapes.  I thought what the heck!  So I made it up in various  thickness and sizes.  So far  so good.  We eat one half toasted for breakfast and it is slightly smaller than a regular slice of bread so that is a good thing.

I made a quick and easy lunch using them.  Barbecued wieners on a bun: ( I suspect that is a redneck lunch!)

What else is new?  I know, I bought a long-handled scrubber for the shower and tubs.  It is almost impossible  for me to get down on my knees now and this works well.  No more excuses for not keeping pristine bathing facilities!

Finished on morning of 5/25.  Happy to report 1.75  inches of a nice steady rain,  no storms at all.  Now, please, it can stop!


  1. Your lettuce looks almost as good to me as your roses do! As always this time of year, I can hardly wait until we get the first fresh salad greens from the garden.

    How fortunate you gave your sister some cuttings from that beautiful rose. A good reason for sharing!

    As always, Glenda, I really like your posts of everyday things that are happening on your farm and in your home.

    1. Well I certainly enjoy yours!

      I had to teach my gardening Sis about taking rose cuttings but it has certainly paid off.

  2. Your lettuce looks very healthy to me and I love your roses and the story behind them. Wish I could smell them too. I need to take cuttings of one of my favorite roses, 'Kathleen'. If I don't and lose this, I will be sorry.

    Those buns looks delicious as does the bbq dogs sandwich.

    Love & hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

    1. Take the cuttings now.....before it is too late. Kathleen is a beautiful rose. I hope I can remember to take some. RRD is still an issue here.

  3. Glenda, that was a beautiful story about your rose. I am so glad it lives on giving such delight and happy memories. I love that quilt in the background of your photo of the buns. Don't you live in a beautiful place! I am happy for you.

    1. Thank you Joy. That quilt was made by my maternal Grandmother later in life so up close the stitching isn't as good as it could have been but I treasure it!

      My MIL does not appreciate old things....I have 4 or 5
      quilts she had stacked in her garage to put in the trash that were made by her MIL! I asked her what she was doing with them and she said I could have them if I wanted. I wanted!

  4. Oh my, my!! I love bread and it looks scrumptious. I would love to have some still warm with butter on it! Maybe next fall I will try to make bread. It has been years and years since I made it.

    1. If my encourage even one person to begin making bread, I will be happy! It is one of the most rewarding and satisfying things to you do (I think). Even if the first tries are perfect they are always delicious!. You can worry about textures and crusts and all that nonsense later.

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