Friday, May 27, 2016

Dinner is Ready and other Daily Doings.

At last a decent nights sleep in my bed!  Who knows why but I do appreciate  it when it rarely happens.

We have 2 inches of rain so far and more on the way.

We dashed out yesterday morning and mowed the yard (again) before the rains came. Max mowed the east side and out back with his larger (refurbished) mower and I did the house yard with my favorite Gravely (that needs refurbishing).

I am showing this unattractive view so you can see the mole damage we are dealing with (may they all drown in their nests). I guess I will buy grass seed once again and cross my fingers.

Part of my Daily Doings is my Yard Walk About, daily unless it is storming.

This is looking southwest.  Note porch screen is in hot sun/rainy day position.

I realized after getting cushions wet and suffering the 90° sun that I could just lower the blind.  Worked very well.

Just one more picture or two and I will save the rest for another time (poppies in particular).

My gardening is all about hardy self-seeders and here is one I love for color and contrast:

Lychnis coronaria or rose campion.  This is in the humming bird bed.

Cooking or Food (don't remember which I called it last)

Dinner is ready.  MIL is back in hospital so we never know our schedules and I like Max to have a good lunch before he has to go to town.  I go sometimes; sometimes I don't.

 The chicken livers are for me.  I don't think he has ever so much as touched one.  You can see I am old school; no pink livers for me!


  1. OH how I love chicken livers. My hubby won't touch them either. He's a gizzard man. We have a Lee's chicken here in Jefferson City that has the best livers.

    Enjoy walking your property blog wise today!

    1. My Mom loved gizzards. Now that is one part I won't touch! I sometimes use the livers in a dish like cashew chicken with the sauce and over rice...I had some cold for supper last night. I don't cook them often.

  2. Loved seeing another view of your home. Sorry you are having to deal with moles.

    Glad you got some good sleep in your own bed.

    I need to buy chicken livers. I just read in my latest researching, that they are good for us and I do like them.

    Have a nice Memorial Day weekend ~ Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

    1. Our local store now carries them and they aren't Tyson which I think is a good thing. These were huge. I cook them all at once and eat them until they are gone (2 days tops).

  3. I have the exact same extensive mole damage here this year!!! Where did they come from? I cannot find a way to kill them - they eat the pellets and keep on digging. How are you dealing with yours? LOVE the poppies. I buy seeds every year. I never open the packs. I don't know why... I don't like chicken livers either, but Mom does. I'll have what Max is having.... YUM!

  4. Love your picture walkabout posts. Those poppies and your rose in the hummingbird garden are gorgeous.

    Any animal organ meats are very nutritious for us. If the animal was raised in the right way, of course. A few years ago we were going on a little getaway to a town what a friend knew of. She told us to be sure to stop at a certain restaurant and have the whitefish livers. I was skeptical, but we did order them and they were simply delicious!

    A pox on those little bugger moles. Such damage they cause let alone making a yard look bad!

  5. The place is just looking great.

    Moles are something we do not have. Japanese beetles, squirrels, skunks, rats, rabbits... That's yet another story. We have lots of birds and those smooth brown lizards that are called "skinks". Hubs reported after he mowed today that a killdeer stood right in front of his mower, so he went around. Sure enough, a nest on the ground with eggs in it. He said they were as big as hens' eggs, and brown speckled. One dead baby bluebird found by the compost bin. Not sure what happened, but they had them out learning how to fly yesterday.

    I'll pass on the chicken livers, but thanks anyway. Love your screened-in porch and the Rose Campion. Hugs xoxoxo

  6. We had never had them until this year. The moles made tunnels and the voles went through them so they could eat all my bulbs up.