Friday, May 20, 2016

Another Rainy Day

Another good night.  I cheated and took a Tylenol PM.

 It is another cool and drizzly day here.  So much so that our worker didn't show.  I think he was going to do some bush-hogging....too wet for that.  The other was going to replace the carburetor on the old truck that he is taking off our hands so that will be delayed.

I have done a bit of housekeeping and have a chicken thawing for chicken pot pie  for lunch....may use pie crust this time instead of  my usual biscuit topping.

I still haven't planted my warm weather garden....mainly because we haven't had much warm weather and then the 3-inch rain made the garden too wet.

Max took several (77) pictures of the farm recently.  I always love seeing them since I don't tour the farm much these days.
The camera was malfunctioning part of the time due, no doubt, to my dropping it.  I have told him to turn it off and on a few times to get the lens fully extended.  Its life may be limited. He developing a good eye for shots I think.  I will show a few.

Farm Pictures by Max

If you click on the picture, you can see an enlarged version (I hope)

I added that last ugly thing just for fun!


  1. We had a sunshiny day yesterday, then a little rain as a T-storm passed nearby last evening.

    It's been hot and humid, so I'd say summer is here. Although, the other morning when I went outside, it was 70. That was really nice.

    Love Max's photos. The cows, the weather beaten rough tree trunks with the reflections in the water and the last photo made me laugh.

    Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. Raining here this morning (1/2 so far), but the lawns are mowed and the shrubs strimmed so no angst here. LOve the cattle pics. Max has a good eye. Glad you got some sleep. Looks like an inside day here today. Good. After a week of outside I need some downtime. Chicken pot pie sounds delish!

  3. Max does take good pictures! (I think you both deserve a new camera.) That last picture (made me laugh, too) looks like he and the bovine were having a good conversation. Or maybe he/she had to get closer to hear all Max was saying. :o}

    1. I got a new camera; he is using the reject!

  4. Glenda,

    I always enjoy the pictures on your blog. Max did a great job!
    If one wasn't really looking, you would think the last picture was that of a female moose...instead of a cow.

    Chicken Pot Pie really sounds delish!

    1. He doesn't tale pictures often but when he does you get plenty to choose from!

  5. We've had nice weather this weekend but I was just looking at the weather forecast and they are saying we have a chance for storms about every day this coming week. My garden will never dry out to finish planting at this rate. And we need more warm weather for my tomatoes. They aren't looking too good so far. I always enjoy seeing photos of the farm. Max did good!

    1. Cheryl, like you I am behind on garden planting but the cool weather probably would have set things back anyway.

      My garden is in good tilling shape but if it rains tomorrow it will be too wet.....again.