Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Daily Doings and a Bread Tip

Just a quick post before running some errands....Max's meds, a very short WM run and maybe the local hardware to look at trimmers.

As usual my latest help for yard work failed.....young man, poor as a  church mouse, has a part-time job and was going to do
some work for an old truck we let him have.....not going well.  We don't care about the truck but I did have hopes...............

I am slowly plowing along.  I have planted peppers, egg plants and a few tomatoes.  I also did some sweet corn.  I watered the strawberry row which covers the potato row too.  I never trust forecasts and do my needed watering.  We got a brief, and I do mean brief, shower in the early morning hours.  It might be enough to sprout the corn but I will be watering more heavily this afternoon after errands.

I chopped some of that blasted cheat grass, it has very shallow but very hairy roots and it takes a lot of chopping to get it loose.  Then I can pick up a large clump at one time.  I am slowly trying to get it out of the peonies and other perennials.

I have begun the mulching process and know already I am going to love it!

Several days ago I planted sugar snap peas and turnips.  I have never tried spring turnips before.
I got a nice little short row of turnips but the sugar snap peas failed completely.  I sat down yesterday afternoon and went through seed and tossed most of them.

I have a lot of saved flower seeds that I plan to just broadcast somewhere.  No loss if they all fail.

Peonies are now blooming, still some late ones to come.  One bush that was all white is now half and half pale pink and white!

This doesn't show the distinction of two colors quite so much.

This really shows:


We got the processed beef picked up and in the freezer.  It was a  tight squeeze but the kids will get most of it and will be down soon to get it. 

Tip:  As most of you know I bake bread and love to do it.  I have found a method that has never failed to produce and fine textured, soft loaf (which is what my DH wants).  It takes longer but is worth it.

This works whether you are making white bread, whole wheat, or oatmeal with added grains (I like using steel cut oats).

First:  Mix all and let autolyse (set in bowl) for 30 minutes at least.  Then begin kneading (I use a large Kitchen Aid mixer).  You may or may not need more flour.....when dough  begins to leave side of bowl, you are done.

Step 2.  Cover (I used a large plastic pail with a lid) and let raise l hour.  Punch down by pulling the sides up and to the middle deflating the rise. Cover again.

Step 3.  Let rise again until fully doubled.  This won't take as long, maybe 45 minuted.

Proceed as usual.

If you try this let me know how it works for you.


  1. I wonder if your bread making process would help my rye bread? That's my hubby's favorite, but as you know, rye flour has very little gluten in it so doesn't rise worth a diddle. I always use some white flour but hubby asks for more rye flour so the bread actually tastes like rye bread. I'll let you know if I try your suggested method. 'Twould be a good time to do so because I just took the last of the homemade bread out of the freezer yesterday.

    LOVE your new header photo and, as usual, the pictures of your beautiful plantings. Keep 'em coming!

  2. I believe it helps any yeast bread product....same as the long-rise method. I would give it a try next time; it certainly won't hurt the process. Let me know. I have never made rye bread or tasted it! Strange how so many foods are not normally eaten in the Ozarks or at least in my area.

    1. Truth to tell, I don't think I'd ever had rye bread until I met my husband. His mother's family is of Czechoslovakian/Bohemian ancestry and that was their "main" bread so that's what he grew up eating. Have to confess I really like it, too, but the rye flour is a challenge as it just doesn't want to rise well. I will try your method next time (I find time to) make bread.

  3. Glenda,

    Your place always looks amazing. After hearing me talk about your Clematis, my husband purchase two plants for me....now I have a Pink and Purple Clematis plants. Now I need to talk more about your Peonies.....