Saturday, February 25, 2012

Yesterday was cold and windy all day long.  Typical Spring weather here.

We finished our errands yesterday morning.  We had to get chicken feed and I also found a pretty good, if limited, source for garden seeds.  It was our local MFA.  I bought  spinach seeds but will go back shortly to get sweet corn seeds.  They never restock so I don't want to wait too late to get the corn.  I will still have to order heirloom or exotic seeds if I need them.

I realized that I have become a sort of seed snob over the years thinking that the only good seeds were from garden supply centers (not big box ones) and mail order specialty places.  Well, Springfield lost its bulk seed source when Hummert closed its doors.  I bought broccoli seed and cauliflower seeds and I think a package of lettuce seeds at Wal Mart about a week ago. Egads!  I had vowed to never ever do that.  Well, I planted 4 large size 6-packs of the broccoli and cauliflower  and  put them under cover under the lights on the back porch.  They came up in two days time!  I was impressed.

An added plus was I  didn't pay extra shipping.

Last evening A and his buddy finished my yard work and I am completely delighted and told him so.
I now have both sides of the drive pruned nicely.  I am sure some things will come back and some won't but that is part of gardening.....nothing (but Bermuda Grass and Elm Trees) lasts  forever.

DH took him to the back of the farm and showed him the fencing work he wants done and he will call when he  can get to that.  He told DH he found another downed tree that would yield 1.5 to 2 cords of wood so we added that to the list.  He cuts it up, splits it and hauls it  down to the wood stack.  I built a super warm fire yesterday using some of the dry wood he had already done.  It held all night so I just added another stick this morning and opened the damper and the fire was roaring in no time.  It was 24° out so it felt really good. 

This morning is bread making day.  I am going  to do the Hodgson Mills  recipe that has an extra rising and makes a very fine textured loaf (3). 

I am making a To Do List.  It helps keep me focused on what needs to be done.

To Do List

Spray dormant oil  on orchard
prune fruit tees
clean up berry patch and asparagus row
get tiller and mower up and running (DH's job)
Plant: lettuce and spinach and a few early cabbage seeds
Buy: carrot seeds, corn seeds
till new garden and clean off panels
Build cattle panel fence around garden (hope A can do this)
Pain smokehouse and milk parlor (A)
Shop for shrubs for  various places in front yard:  spirea, mock orange. maybe a crab apple  
Redo chicken yard fencing.

Miscellaneous Tip:

Store hair spray with the lid on upside down and it will never clog and you can use it until the last drop. The sales clerk volunteered info this the last time I  bought my favorite Paul Mitchell spray that was in an extra large can....  Bless her.  I have lost entire cans before and half cans and  worked with the spray tip to unclog it more times than I care to recall.


  1. "...nothing lasts forever except Bermuda grass and elm trees!" you crack me up! I've decided you are my biggest motivation to get up and get moving!

  2. If that To Do List was all for today, and you manage to get it all done, you are Super Woman . . . and I want you to come live at my house this summer.

    1. That list was just for this spring! I have already thought of a few more things I should add. That doesn't mean I will get them all done.

  3. Nice early germination on those seeds, Glenda. I don't think I see any kale in that mix thought. *grin*

    Oh, we've all been TRAINED to be seed snobs. It's just one more thing I'm letting go. I'll save more seeds of those that I have that grow well for me. So what if they aren't pedigreed. After all, the last 5 letters in pedigreed is just plain ol' greed, no?

    We got walloped with 6" of snow last night! Good grief!!

    1. Kale wasn't a big hit at our house......I know it is good for you but we will make do with other cole crops.

      No snow here, but no rain either.

  4. There you go again, working circles around me! I tend to get seeds from multiple places. I do try to get the plants I purchase from the local arboretum or garden centers. I have made bread a couple times in the last few weeks. Yesterday, I wanted some bread to go with the lamb stew I had thawed out from the freezer. I couldn't find my recipe for an onion herb batter bread, and the ones I found had rising times longer than I had before supper, so I threw one loaf together, and kneaded it lightly. I didn't make a sponge like I usually do, and only let it rise twice. It is very moist, and will not keep long, but it is pretty good. I added some dehydrated onion, but didn't taste it much. Maybe I needed more. I am ready for spring!

    1. That is what I love about bread making, you can do it almost any which way and still have a very tasty product. We like corn muffins with our soup sometimes and it is just 20 minutes away.

  5. I keep forgetting to get some cornmeal! I have been hungry for cornbread, too.

  6. So true about the elm trees-cut our last one down and I am still digging out starts here and there. The maple tree behind the house that has those helicopter seed pods is about as bad!!

    Very warm for February today and very windy too. Have helleborus and crocus in bloom-no daffs so far. The early mini iris should be soon. I replanted them by the patio steps so I don't miss the bloom.

    1. Oh yes, I have Silver Maples and they are just as bad....then there is the Golden Rain tree....and redbuds....and why do they always come up right next to the foundation!

      My helleborus has buds but they haven't opened yet and I have one lonely little set of sign of them either.

  7. Did you get through the storm last night unscathed??? Hope all is well. We just got some straight line winds and some hail.

  8. We got very strong winds and some rain but no damage and I slept through the entire thing! DH stayed up until the danger had passed. I hate to see these storms begin so early in the season!