Thursday, March 1, 2012

Windy Day - Bread - To do List

Well, the storms missed us this time.  I slept through the entire thing but DH stayed up until the storms passed us.  Buffalo, Mo is pretty close to us north and east.  I dread the storm season.

Good news:  We got the machinery up and running (mower and tiller) and I pruned the fruit trees.  There may be hope for accomplishing that list  yet.  To be honest my helpmeet did the machinery thing.

Bad news:  The plums and peaches have tons of buds not showing color yet but getting very close and that can't be a good thing.

I see little green shoots on the late-planted garlic...about 2 inches tall.

I held off on the dormant oil spray because of the predicted rains but will need to get it done soon.

Chickens are doing well.  We got 16 one day (20 hens) and about 6 getting pretty old.  I am still giving them henbit and kitchen scraps.  I never feed potato peels...but I see others do without problems.  I just add mine  to the compost pile.

I have been  indisposed for two days now...I hope it is gone  by tomorrow.  We have company coming and I need to  do some baking which was planned for laid plans and all that..........

I did make bread a few days ago and it turned out great but I am still having problems with the loaf bursting on one side.  I roll it up jelly-roll fashion, seal bottom and ends and place  the seam down side in the pan and yet....  It doesn't hurt the texture or the taste.  I cheated this time and made white bread.  My BIL likes it better than whole wheat. That's  our company, Sis and BIL. This bread had an extra rising before forming.

and this is the bad side:

At least it rose nicely and the texture is super.


  1. Bad look'n bread? Maybe to a person used to Wonder or Butternut. Looks great to me! Could it have to do with the rolling AND maybe the side of the oven it's facing? Maybe one side is warmer?

  2. Your bread looks wonderful! Mine splits also, nearly the top 1/3 splits and forms a "cap of sorts...have to figure that out. If you learn of a fix let me know. Enjoy reading your blog

  3. Looks pretty good to me, Glenda. Mine do weird things too. Can never figure it out.
    We had some rough weather mover through here. Had, snow, rain, boomers, hail and tornado weather all at once within an hour!
    I hate storm season too.
    Its supposed to be nice here next week, so I may be able to get out in the yard and do something, my garlic and walking onions are up about 2-3 inches also.

  4. Dear Glenda ~ I thought of you when hearing about the string of tornadoes. I'm so glad that you were spared.

    I think your loaves of bread look fabulous.

    16 eggs in one day is great.

    I hope you are feeling better.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  5. I think that bread looks fabulous...and I can almost smell it from here!

  6. Omigosh, your bread looks wonderful. Who cares if it "split" a little on the side. It's the taste that counts. Sorry to hear you've been feeling less than good. Hope that has all passed now.

    Glad to hear the really awful weather missed you. We saw our share of tornadoes when we lived in Illinois and I don't miss them one bit!

  7. I bet the bread tastes wonderful, it looks great! I'm glad to know the severe weather missed you. I don't like the stormy season, either!

  8. Wow, that's some rise height. I know people who would give up an arm for that much!
    I am curious about the recipe you use, would you mind posting it?

  9. Have you tried scoring the loafs before you bake? That way the 'poof' might all go to the top instead of the sides. Too bad you didn't show a slice to show us that texture your so happy with.

  10. Who cares what the bread looks like? The taste and texture is the thing. Mmmmmmm. Pass the real butter, please.....