Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's Raining!

Not heavy mind you, but it is rain wonderful rain! and it is a cold rain.  Poor DH has to go out in this but I don't this morning.  Thank you very much.  I did build a nice fire in the living room stove so he can get warm very quickly when he comes in.

I am making bread this morning, some 7-grain and maybe more white bread.

I see more daffodils have opened.  I have several more clumps scattered around now and one tiny little white crocus. 

Yesterday was doctor day for DH, his annual cardiologist checkup, and all was good.  We stopped by his Mom's  so that delayed us getting home.

She wanted to know if I wanted my birthday present early (September!)  DH said she wanted him to bring  it to me the last time he visited and he said if he did I would have to wait to open it. I told them if I had to wait, she could keep it at her house......I ended up opening there it on the condition she wouldn't buy me another present in September!  Here is what I go with the 13 inch skillet she gave me because it was too big for her.  Now the question is:  Where do I put them.   I am starting to think a pot rack somewhere...

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Anyway, we were late getting home and I had to fix lunch.  We had a mystery lunch because I laid out two containers (unlabeled) of cooked food before we left.  It turned out to be white beans and chicken and noodles.  I heated all plus some left over creamed peas and we had a very tasty lunch with a toasted hot dog bun (I told you I was out of bread!), half each.  Made me glad we hadn't grabbed a chicken sandwich at McDonald's on the way home.  The point of this story is I was tired but I knew I had soaked the pea seeds that should go in the ground  and I wanted the rains to help germination of spinach so I made myself go out around 3 pm.

I planted the cattle panel on both sides with the Sugar Snap and Oregon sugar pod peas so this gives me a 30 foot row (15 foot panel) of peas.  I just pulled the mulch back and dug a small trench with the hoe and planted.  Then I planted the rest of the garlic row east, maybe 15 feet, with Bloomsdale spinach.  The whole thing just took an hour. 

I am being rewarded with the rain. 

16 eggs  yesterday. I am getting some strange colors on the dark brown ones.

The bread is doing an autolyse so I better get back to it.
I started another fresh quart of buttermilk yesterday and bottled it up in a clean jar this morning.


  1. Over 1/4" of rain so far this morning, with more to come. This front stretches from your place to mine so we're both getting wet.

    Glad to hear you got the peas, etc. in ahead of the rain - dontcha just love it when that happens? Love those mottled brown eggs - very pretty.

  2. Raining here too! And glad for it because I was going to have to water the fruit trees if it didn't, and I have NO idea what I did with the extra lengths of hose to get to them all!

    I screwed a metal coat rack to the kitchen wall to use as our pot rack and it works great! Got it on 1/2 price sale at hobby lobby one year & I may get another one next sale. Here's a pic if you wanna see:

  3. Good morning Glenda ~ We've had some rain with more expected and we've been having wind for several days now too.

    Glad you got your seeds planted before your rains came. That's nice.

    What is autolyse?

    Your eggs look wonderful and how great to have your own buttermilk.

    Enjoy your day there at the farm. Glad to hear your DH's checkup was a good one too.


  4. Nice gifts, are they cast iron? Are you always to soak all peas before planting? Last year was our first try at them. We had enough to eat fresh but not enough to freeze.
    74 yesterday, 41 now. Crazy! Ya gotta love Mizzouree!

  5. We have had light rain and turning a lot colder-daughter called from town where she lives-just 5 miles north of us- and it was sleeting at her house!

    DH has gone to Norwood to watch the cattle sell but I don't plan to get out of the house, although I need to go to the bank-tomorrow.

    Love those eggs-you probably use several in your baking. Great gifts-nice looking skillets. Nice to get early gifts! Take care...........

  6. Sounds like you had a busy and fruitful day! Your eggs remind me I have a basketful to clean tonight yet. Ha! I won't be able to plant peas for another two months . . . how different our climates are!

  7. Those pans LOOK AWESOME, Glenda! We need to get some new ones..something that has a smooth surface because we have one of those smooth stove-tops and I don't want to wreck it! That is weird egg, isn't it? But 16 is NICE!!!...:)JP

    1. JP, my set of pans is All Clad, all ss and they have very heavy flat bottoms and they are sort of squared off on the bottom edges, not rounded like some, I bet they would work great. They usually offer a small pan pretty cheaply so you could buy just one and try it out.

      They are expensive, but I love them! Mine just aren't non-stick.

  8. I love your new pans, Glenda! What a nice early birthday present! What a busy day you had. The rain was nice, but oh that wind the last couple of days!