Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A gorgeous productive day!

Up at 4 AM, 61°!

Yesterday was 80° a near record for us.  It was really too hot to be working out in the sun for me.

I milked and finally had to resort to oxytocin   to get her to let her milk down!  Just to get even with her, I did not let the babies in with her when I finished.  I will win this battle.

After milking, I finally was able to hook up the power sprayer and spray dormant oil but only on the trees that haven't broken dormancy yet, the apples and three of the pear trees, Moonglow and two Seckels.

In the afternoon, I mowed the new garden/orchard area.  The henbit and chickweed were so rubbery and thick that I almost killed the mower a few times.  The orchard looked very pretty with the blooming trees.

Two families of bluebirds are back nesting again this year.  They are such beautiful birds and they work together to get the nests ready, the male and female are true partners.

I finally saw a bee yesterday; I was getting worried.

I didn't get the carrots planted yet and hope to do that this morning.

I did get the tub of hyacinths moved down to the patio area.  We loaded it on a pallet slipped over the spikes on the front end loader to bring it down.  It is almost fully recovered from the late mulch.  The hyacinths are huge and smell glorious.  The white tulips are budded.  I do hope I have the blue and white in bloom at the same time. There is a ring all around the tub of the hyacinths but the hay mulch delayed the back side...not a good move on my part.


I can smell them almost when I step out the back door now; before they were up by the garage door.

I gave up after a little over an hour and came inside.  It took most of my energy just pulling three steel posts out of the garden and chasing down everything I needed.  I can't decide where to put the carrots.

I did take a stroll around and check everything out.  So far I am seeing very few poppies......and no larkspurs.  I can't seem to get larkspurs to stay with me for long.


  1. Everything looks so lush and green! My hyacinth are just a few inches high, and no flowers yet. Love the old Mom used to have one just like that!

  2. Hi Glenda,
    Our weather has been wonderful, too. I have been thinking about you. Thanks for your comment on my last post. I am going to be 60 in September, and have been wondering how long I will be able to be productive. This dizziness has slowed me down, but has not stopped me from garden cleanup. I have to grab things at times to feel steady.

    Knowing how much you get done each day, even with your dizzy spells, calms me down.

    1. I'm 72, Sue, you have lots of productive years ahead!!!!

    2. That is good to know as at 58, I can tell I have slowed down, not as much strength, nor stamina. Maybe I just need something worth working on?? We've had very warm temps up here in NE also--up to 80 degrees. Trees are beginning to leaf out. We do need rain. I really like your photo at the top. I always enjoy reading about your daily events.

  3. I planted some 'annual' delphiniums in 2009 (which some call larkspur) and they reseed themselves all the time. I'll send you some seeds if you wish.

  4. Green as Ireland! We are enjoying these nice days for sure. The farm is so pretty Glenda, doesn't it feel good to just be able to get out of the house again and walk around the yard!! My hyacinths are up all over the place and are so pretty. The chickweed is thick in our yard too, will make mowing a chore this weekend... and so the mowing starts!

  5. Like your new header-pretty dog. Way too hot--hope it isn't a sign for summer. I helped move some heifers to new pasture and while out pulled some weeds in a flower bed. I was sweaty and hot when I came in so turned the AC on--in March no less. We were having several for supper and had lots of cooking to do so the cool air was so welcome. I am thankful to have a warm house in winter and cool in the summer!!

  6. Bev, we haven't had to turn on the AC in the house yet but if it stays this warm at night we may have to.

    I saw on the weather on KY3 yesterday that we are about 20 degrees higher than average. He warned us not to plant tender things too soon....I know everyone will though.