Thursday, March 29, 2012

An Ordinary Day

We are still way too warm here, 84° in March!

I had great plans to work outside yesterday after milking, but decided to stay inside instead.

I cooked a really huge pot of white bean s with the ham bone and that required constant monitoring.  Then there was the overload of unfolded laundry from our company was getting ridiculous to see the pile of things just waiting for me. 

I folded about 4 loads of things and put them away....did my normal daily housecleaning which is minimal.

I just had to share a follow up story about the neighbor's cows and the fence.  After the boys and DH working and reworking, we finally had them contained (on their own land).  DH had mentioned to me that there was a tree in danger of falling....on the fence.  Well, it fell day before yesterday!  As I have said before nothing is ever static on a farm.....always something  to keep you busy.  He was able to run all the cows back (yes, they came through instantly!) and patch up the fence.  The boys came yesterday and did more work on it and set the post for a new gate.  I will be glad for them to get the fence repair project finished.


Before I left the milk barn (remember it doubles  as my potting shed), I planted tomato seeds, Granny Cantrell, Mortgage Lifter, Early Girl and Jung'sWayahead and Mule Team.  I may do a few direct later if I can just remember to do it.

I finally can see a few carrots....I hate trying to grow those darned is like little green hairs and you think they will never show up.

I have the best row of peas I have ever had....I hope the rabbits don't discover them.  The spinach that I thought looked so promising....does on one end but the other end is very sparse....

Only one herb survived and it is a French culinary thyme.  I need to move is right in the way for tilling.  I still haven't decided on a permanent herb bed and need to.

One picture to share, this is the west foundation berm, the blue flower is vinca major and the yellow is yellow variegated euonymous.  I like the contrasts.

Note:  Lunch was beans and cornbread with wilted lettuce.  I froze three containers of beans for quick meals later.


  1. I've never planted carrots, mainly because the "soil" wouldn't be conducive to planting root understand, rocks 'n all. Although my raised probably aren't really deep enough for carrots, I think I'm going to plant some this afternoon just to find out.

    So, what does one do (besides all the work you've done on the fence) when one's neighbor's cattle keep coming on the property? At some point, are you allowed to just let one of them venture close enough to the BBQ and just have yourself a nice lunch? Irresponsible neighbors irk me to no end. Sorry you're still having to deal with their problem.

  2. I can smell your lunch.... yum!

  3. Why didn't you call me when lunch was ready??? You know I love beans and cornbread! Sorry you guys are having the chase the stock, no fun. Things are piled up here if that helps! A day at a time Glenda...

  4. I have a lot to do here, too. Things sure piled up after being under the weather so long and having my back out. I'm slowly getting some things done. I'll work a while, then sit down and blog a while!

    I'm growing some herbs in pots. It's trial and error since I don't know a whole lot about them. The rosemary, chives and parsley have come back nicely. I want to get some basil for the other pot, I guess it's not a perennial since it didn't grow out from last year.

    Your lunch sounded so good! I haven't had cornbread in a while.

  5. We had homemade bean soup for dinner tonight!

    Your picture is so beautiful it almost looks like a painting. Lovely contrast.

    Do you have any legal recourse regarding your neighbors animals?? You shouldn't have to do all the work to contain them.

  6. We really like beans (almost any kind of bean) and cornbread for lunch or dinner.

    I have given up trying to grow carrots. The only root crop that did well for me last year were the sweet potatoes.