Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Yard Work

This was another perfect warm  spring day.  I took advantage of it!

I mowed most of the yard yesterday and finished up today.  I think it is about a 3-hour job but I rarely do it all on one day so am not sure.  I left my little meadow of wild violets.  I also mowed around the garden.

I think the lilacs are the best they have been in years, but it may be because the border has been cleaned out so they can be appreciated.

I took a short coffee break with DH on the porch and then while he went in to exercise, I cleaned off the bed (HB Bed) in front of the kitchen and the new stump bed.  Finally the bulbs I planted came up, the white muscari and some blue alliums, the Tete a Tete are finished.  All the agastache returned.  I still haven't decided what kind of small tree I want in the center of this bed or just what...maybe the bird bath???
and the small stump bed,

I fixed a quick and simple lunch of barbecued ham (from Sunday Dinner ham), baked potato and a salad of mixed greens (also left from  Sunday dinner).

I retired for the day, even left DH to put away my gardening tools.


  1. You had a very full day young lady! I'm glad you retired because just reading everything that you did made me glad I was on the couch!..:)JP

  2. I know someone that will sleep well tonight after doing all that yard work and garden work. The yard and gardens look really nice. I think I would put a bird bath out in the center bed. I've been thinking about placing a bird bath out in front next to the tree that has our bird feeder. I love watching the birds eat, take baths and play.

  3. Your lilacs are absolutely gorgeous. Up here in northern MN ours have just barely budded out. I think we're going to be mowing grass much earlier than usual this year. Even though our temperature dipped back down around more normal figures yesterday, the moisture we've gotten has made the grass turn green. Well, not as green as yours (!) but it is greening up!

  4. I've still got flower beds to clean out, my back just hasn't been up to it lately. Yours are looking great! I think a bird bath would look very nice in that one flower bed. I hope to pick a bouquet of lilacs tomorrow, I agree they are really nice this year.