Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Another Catch up Journal Posting

Today has been a warm sunshiny day but the winds have been extreme.

I have been missing in action for a few days.  My sis and BIL from Iowa came down Friday and stayed until Monday morning so I let things on the Blog/Diary/Journal slide a bit.

We had a great time as always and didn't do a thing but visit.  I made her favorite dessert and his too I find, coconut cream pie.

I also baked an angel food cake...that's gone too!
We always eat too much when we get together.  I made nothing fancy, a meatloaf dinner, pizza and country breakfasts.  I think I had sloppy joes for lunch once too.


8:30 AM, milked Willow and processed the milk

9:30, gave the bull who is much improved another dose of antibiotic and treated him for lice.  I can see this is going to be a problem until the sun shines a lot.

10:00 Tilled the entire west end of the garden (20x45 feet).  This is another thing off the To Do List!

It is supposed to rain Thursday.  I hope to get spinach and lettuce planted before.  I am putting my snap peas in to soak this evening and will plant  some on the mini hoop frame.

I see I lost all herbs that I planted last summer very late, except for the French Culinary Thyme and it looks wonderful.

I actually mowed part of the yard Friday which  I think set a new record early. 

This shows my newly trimmed front shrub border.  I just realized I now have a lot of open space available for fall bulbs...... if I will just actually get them in the ground!

This area should be particularly good unless the large tree roots are a problem.

Still no signs of life  in the dogwood or the redbud.

Chickens laid 17 eggs yesterday....


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  2. (Sorry about the above. I was signed in on my quilting blog.)

    Gosh, if that pie had been Lemon Cream rather than Coconut Cream I would have had a hard time not licking the screen! What a beautiful meringue.

    Your second to the last picture gave me a bit of a start. It looks so much like the front yard of our last place in Illinois that it was a little eerie! I couldn't stop looking at it.

    1. Lemon is my favorite too, but not my sis's.

  3. You're TILLING already? Omigosh. I hope you get better rains this season.

    I, too, love a coconut creme pie and your's looks just wonderful! *drool*

    1. Kris, I strike when the iron is hot! They keep telling us to plant early this year.....I realized it was a local nursery telling us that. Could they possibly had an ulterior motive?

      Actually this isn't too early to till down here. I will do some early crops before too long. Also I did no fall cleanup to speak of, so I am actually behind.

  4. I'm in awe of that meringue! And also of the work you've accomplished already.

  5. Goodness gracious! I can't take my eyes off that pie! The meringue looks wonderful, coconut cream is a favorite of mine.

    Your lawn looks greener than ours here in mid-MO. We haven't done one thing to get our garden spot ready.

  6. One reason that meringue is so high is it was made with 5 whites. The pie recipe calls for 5 yolks so I just used all the whites up!

    My BIL commented on how much greener were were down here than Iowa. We really haven't had much winter. Things have stayed green.

  7. Glenda, I just gained a few pounds looking at this screen this morning, I'm with Mama Pea, I wanted to lick the screen.
    Boy, you are green down there. Its still drab and dull here. Monday, and Tuesday, it was 72* and 76* yesterday, just beautiful, now this morning, bitey wind, cloudy, and wintery, then back to the 50's and 60's toward the weekend, Yah!
    17 eggs to boot too, lucky duck!
    Have a great "egg" and "milk" day.

  8. Coconut cream and lemon pies,YUM! We love both around here. I may need to do some baking this week.

  9. Coconut pie, my favorite too. Yours looks picture perfect! Your front border looks very neat-bet you are glad that is done. Looks like your garden tilled up nicely-good soil. Take care in the wind!!

  10. Seventeen eggs, girl you can make another coconut cream pie and angel food cake with that kind of surplus! I would love to be a guest at your house, by the way! The yard is looking good, way to early to start that mowing thing though. We have a real good stand of all our weeds ;(

  11. Good thing it's not freezing here in my living room or my tongue would be stuck to my laptop screen!