Monday, March 26, 2012

OK,OK.  I don't even know what happened here! 

Just suffice it to say I was wiped after the company and spent all Sunday evening in my chair.

Monday, I just checked in briefly and then worked outside about 4 hours............

I am still not used to Blogger's new format....should go back to the old one.  I seem to hit some blasted key when I am doing a draft that just publishes it......I may give this thing up entirely!!!

More later; I am trying to get caught up with outside work and it is a losing battle.

We had perfect weather for the girls to enjoy the farm.

Our granddaughter is on the ATV, her friend is doing gate duty.

Of course the llamas caught their attention.   Our SIL took this with the zoom,


  1. Ah, another 'empty' post, Glenda. Cat got your tongue? ;-D

  2. I always wonder what causes there to be no posts!

    Denim ~ LOL!

    Dear Glenda ~ Hope you are doing just fine.


  3. Glenda is typing with disappearing ink. LOL

  4. Ah, there we go! :-D Yeah, I'm staying with the older format until they drop it. Great to see the girls enjoying themselves and also nice to see how fit the llamas look. Pace yourself or you'll be down to a nub in no time.

  5. Please don't get off blogger Glenda. We would miss you terribly.
    Love the girls having fun. I love ATV's but I have to stay off them.
    Have a wonderful week and don't overdo it, please.

  6. You can't quit, I would miss you so much! I can see the post fine... did it appear blank on your end after you posted? I swear there are Gabozies in the computer some days. The farm is so pretty, know the girls had a great weekend!

  7. Great pictures! Having company is wonderful . . . especially after you have a few days to recover.

    When I clicked on your post a couple of times yesterday, I too came up blank. But now today . . . here you are, I'm glad to see!

  8. I am sure the blank post is due to something I am doing...I am going to try to go back to the old format.