Friday, March 23, 2012

A Busy Thursday

4:45 AM 41° no more rain so far.

Yesterday was bread day.  Two new recipes and both turned out well.  I need to quit using recipes and just go with the standard ratio of liquid to flour.  My daring sis does that now.  She is much more adventurous than me in the kitchen.

The little planter by the back door is beginning to bloom.....still nothing on the hellebore plant.
That is a variegated Solomon's Seal with it.  I may have to move the hellebore....solomon's is beginning to spread!

Jack Frost brunnera is blooming, but so far no sign of the yellow tulips.  I thought nothing could get to them in this planter but maybe two or three years is the life of them.  What kind of luck do you all have with tulips and longevity?

I seriously cleaned the bathrooms yesterday.  DH vacuumed.  Today I will dust.  I may be keeping a cleaner seemed easier to get ready for company this time.  What a nice change.

13 eggs.

I will milk this morning so I won't have to this weekend.


  1. Hey, looks like you finally nailed the hamburger bun thing? Those in the pic sure look great. And NObody will EVER accuse me of "...keeping a cleaner house." LOL

  2. Bread looks fabulous. I have some cleaning to catch up on, been trying to work in the yard around the rain. Have a wonderful weekend!