Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bread follow-up - A Girls Day Out

We are still warm here for October25, 61°, this morning but our favorite weatherman, Brandon Beck, of KY3 tells us by 7 this evening it will be in the 40's!  I told DH to load wood and kindling on the back porch.  The upcoming week  will be perfect for the wood stove.

My sis and I had a great day yesterday.  We headed for the Mall which is not something I usually consider a fun thing but somehow with her along, it was.  She needed a couple of things from Kohl's and I promised my mate to look for some long-sleeve tees for him.  I swear he has a tee shirt fetish!  I should count all his short and l s maybe I shouldn't. 

I also have been wanting some better quality hand towels and wash cloths, not fancy but not stiff as a board like the last JCP ones I have. 

We were both successful and she even bought two pair of shoes.  I was very good and just got 3 tees for DH.  I did find some towels on sale....the test will be how they launder.

We then hit WalMart for Milnot which she likes to cook with.  For some strange reason she can't find it in her stores anymore.  She got her Milnot and I bought a couple of Paul Mitchell hair care products from the beauty salon.  I even talked her into trying the super clean hair spray.  I thought I was paying a lot for mine (Mitchell brand) and found she has been paying almost double that for some from her beauty salon!  Egads!  I hope she likes it but bet she won't.

Then I took her to lunch at Culver's which is our favorite burger or sandwich place when we are shopping the mall area. 

By then it was way after noon and knowing we had to spend some time with our Aunt, we had to just drive past the cemeteries.  We were both disappointed but the BIL didn't want to be driving after dark back to Pomme de Terre.  Also I had promised to make pizza for supper. 

The weather was perfect so it would have been a great day at the cemeteries....just not enough hours in the day this time.

I was very proud of myself.  I drove. My sister has serious vision problems up close and one eye can't even be corrected with glasses.  I rarely drive anymore because I can't get a mile from the farm without DH coming with me.  I am not complaining; I love him driving me everywhere but I have been telling him I would forget how to drive if I didn't start to do more.  I wasn't nervous at all and negotiated all the new interchanges and overpasses and all that stuff required to get to the mall from James River Freeway.


I responded to everyone's comments about the oatmeal bread, but for some reason, I see none on the blog.  I am curious how many actually tried it....and I would love to hear how it turned out.  When you do make it, let me know.  I always worry about a recipe I list.

Our pizza turned out just OK.  I like for the crust to rest all day and we didn't have time for that so it was a softer New York style crust.....not my favorite.  We like a crispy crust that will 'stand alone' when you eat it.

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  1. Glenda,
    I couldn't stand it anymore, so I tackled the Oatmeal bread right after I seen yours.
    I used my KA bread flour, and it did awesome in the breadmaker. I split the dough into two loaves, one in a loaf tin, the other in a pyrex loaf pan. I then placed it in the oven on keep warm cycle. When I checked it and to remove the bread cover I use, I am sure the air in my kitchen was cooler than the oven, and it fell a little, but baked wonderfully. Moist, and has a good crust. I tried it and D did too. I am trying to master a loaf similar to the raisin bread you get in the store like Sara Lee's. I am going to experiment with some more raisins, and cranberries. If I do this, to get it a little darker, do I add molassas? And decrease the brown sugar?
    I thought it was wonderful, personally.
    We have snow this morning. About two inches and very chilly, in the 20's. Its headed your way.
    Have a wonderful week.

    1. When I make raisin bread I just use my regular recipe of either ww or white. Then when the first rise is over, punch down and roll it out like for cinnamon rolls, spread butter and top with brown sugar and cinnamon and roll up into a loaf shape. Of course, adding raisins or craisins to the dough. Let raise in loaf pan....

      Sure glad you liked the oatmeal bread. I think it would make a good cinnamon bread by rolling it like above.

    2. I'll try that too, Glenda. I am not a baking queen.
      I am so glad you had a wonderful day out. My mom and I used to go to Kearney Ne to shop and go to Hobby Lobby. But since she is getting hard to cart around, and the gas is beyond my budget, we don't do it anymore. Very sad. I would love to go to Hobby Lobby to look at quilt material and a few other craft things. We do not have a craft shop here anymore since my mom and I shut our shop down and the Ben Franklin shut down also.
      Thank you for the tip on the raisin bread. Any suggestions for mastering rye bread? I love rye, but I quit buying it in the store, its almost $5 a loaf here. I know its heavier. Does KA web site have good rye bread recipe? I thought I'd ask you first, you are a wonderful hand with baking. Love the banana cake.

  2. Glenda,

    I printed the Oatmeal Bread recipe out. I haven't had a chance to make it though. The recipe sounds pretty straight forward. After I make it, I will let you know how we like the bread. I'm always looking for good recipes.

    Temperatures are sure dropping, glad to see your prepared for the cooler tempertures. We are so looking for the temperatures to drop again.

    I know what your talking about regarding towels. It's very hard to find a good quality towel that will absord the water when drying off, laundry well and is not stiff. We found some great towels at Kohls. The last time I bought towels, we purchase about 14 bath towels, brand name Apt 9, received a major discount by opening a Kohls credit card on top of the in store sale. Of course, I immediately paid off the Kohls credit card.

    Stay warm and have a beautiful afternoon.

    1. Dang, I saw the Apt.9 up on the back wall and didn't even check them out.
      When I need nicer bath towels, I will take a look. We seem to use so many hand towels on the farm that I wanted something good, but not $15. each good! I got these 60% off plus 15% scratch discount plus l0 Kohl's cash coupon.

  3. You are so lucky to have a sister to share the day with. My shopping days now that we're retired are with the Mister. Don't get me wrong, but sometimes, I'd just like to look, and not have to answer why!!! Lord, I love going to have my annual physical, at least I can go there alone. (hehe)

    1. Muffy, welcome to my journal.

      Mostly, I love having him with me......but not in department stores unless he is looking for himself. Usually he sits in the truck and just waits but then I feel like I need to hurry.

  4. I missed the Oatmeal Bread post, will go back and read it. Sounds really good, we love the dense breads for toasting. Woke up to a cool house this morning, 68 degrees! Finally got the boat covered and put away for the season this week and covered all the lawn furniture on the decks. Now we can hibernate for a few months! Like my little trip back to Spfd. with you, you know that's my old stompin' grounds! I am going to have to make up your pizza crust for the weekend, have a good one!

    1. Joy, hope you try the bread. I think we have everything winterized outside; got the last hose put away yesterday.

  5. Good job of driving, Glenda. I'm sure you were excellent and enjoyed the control and didn't feel the need to "hurry up" whatever you were doing. ;-D

    I often wonder how my life would have been had I had a sister. Oh well, luck of the draw. Glad you got a keeper! LOL