Thursday, October 4, 2012

More Green Beans and a New Helper

2:30 AM; I knew it was too good to  last! 

We sold the calves yesterday and while DH went in to the sale, I stayed home and picked the rest of the pole beans.  I got more than the last time which was both good and bad.  Good for the food bank but bad for  me to have to process.  I would rather work in the garden than process the results.

I was surprised  late in the afternoon DH said why don't "we" break the beans now. I jumped on that suggestion.  We both sat on the porch again; this time with him helping break them and made fast work of the beans.  He then told me I should finish them that evening  instead of the next morning.  By now it was 5:30 and I didn't really want to.....but the more I thought about having to do them the next day, I did it.  I got 9 packages again but some were larger  than before.  We also took out the tiny gourmet size beans that I picked for my MIL and I froze them in separate packages.  These are the kind they leave whole and use fancy trimmings on top.  I think they look kind of nice. 

They are about the size of a straw or pencil.

I couldn't believe DH sat with me and helped through the entire hour!  He now has a new job and I told him so.  He didn't seem to mind.  It was fun with someone helping.  We enjoyed watching the  chickens  scratch in the grass and, of course, one of his cat joined us on the porch.  We also had a couple of hummers coming in for nectar and the always constant noise of various birds that  we couldn't identify singing to us way up in the tree tops.

BTW, we were very pleased with  the sale results.  A few of the calves were lighter than we normally sell but they bring the highest price per pound and we wanted the cows to have time to put on some weight before winter hits.  Early weaning helps with this.

Today I start with the help there I'm afraid.



  1. You got up at 2:30 this morning? Oh you poor dear. I hope you find time for a nap today.

    It's always a joy when you've got someone to share a chore with. The work goes faster and you get some quality time to visit. Good for DH!

    Glad the sale went well. I'm a lot like you in the garden - I'd much rather plant, tend and grow than harvest and process. I think I'd enjoy supplying a roadside stand. *heh*

  2. I think you deserve an early afternoon nap. With all the hard work and not sleeping well, yes a nap is a good thing.
    I'm happy the sale went well.

  3. Hurray for your DH giving you a hand. Working together makes the chore more enjoyable, especially sitting on the porch, with a kitty, hummers and other birds in the trees, there in your lovely surroundings.

    It sounds like you have a busy day ahead of you with the apples. I'm sure your place will smell wonderful.

    Glad you got a good price for the calves.

    Have a great day ~ Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  4. Well, hang in there, you'll git'er done. I was thinking about why your apple juice might've been so tart and I think it has to do with the variety? Mine was made from Yellow Delicious and it is verrrrrry sweet. I opened a jar by mistake, it was with the jars of liquid off the tomatoes that I canned and I ALMOST combined it with some too-thick commercially-made tomato juice. So now I have a jar of apple juice to drink with my breakfast instead of tomato juice. It's a dirty job but someone has to do it. (LOL)

  5. I may have missed this information in an earlier post, but as I look at those lovely beans I'm wondering what variety they are. Can you tell us? I understand how you think and feel. By the time it's time to harvest, I've lost interest. Love to plan and plant, though. I have a son who is the opposite and would love to come home from work, gather what's ready in the garden, then plan and cook dinner around that. If only he lived near here instead of in another state!

    1. Barbee they are Cherokee Trail of Tears pole beans. The seeds are a beautiful black. I have two favorites, Kwintus, a flat curly long podded bean and these. That is all I will ever plant.

  6. I've heard of those, but have never had them. Maybe next year. Thank you so much.