Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weather, Milk Parlor, and new freezer

I started  this October 12.

The storms are south of us so far. We are having some lightening.

At last, the men came yesterday and pulled the bulk tank out of the Milk Parlor. The also patched the ceiling and rehung the old door. The are building a custom fit standard door which will be installed as soon as they get it finished.
Tank RoomBulk TANK removed

I have just begun the cleanup.  The motors near the sink will go to the shop.  I need to paint  the tongue  and groove ceiling once I wash down everything.

They also brought another load of river gravel to smooth out the back barn lot where we load calves.
river gravel fill

I haven't seen any of it yet but will check it out soon.( I did the next day and took the pictures)

Today(Friday) is also the day the new back porch upright freezer seems foolish to get another freezer, but I like having some things close to the kitchen and the old one was frosting up constantly so I know it wasn't working properly. I can't even remember when I bought it. It is a brand unheard of today, Marquette.
The new one is 2 cu ft smaller but I will (I vow) quit stuffing these freezers like I was feeding a family of 10!
It will be such a relief to have one I don't have to worry with taping the door shut and defrosting monthly......

This is a nice, new (to  me) feature:  the controls are touch (isn't everything!)on the outside of the door and it has a built in alarm if the door comes open or the temp gets too high.
As you can see it is full.....I had to take two bags of fruit out to the fruit and veg freezer.......Have  I mentioned  that I have inherited my Mother's hoarding instincts....she lived through the 30's depression and lived on potatoes, tomatoes and onions.

Exciting news in our neighborhood this week:

Our immediate neighbor west that bought our old place called to tell me she and her son had seen a mountain lion laying on top of some round bales of hay just west of our place, less than a quarter of a mile. They missed getting a picture but are quite sure of what they saw. We have thought for some time that was what killed a few calves before we got the llamas. Another neighbor just west that lives on Asher Creek says she spotted a mother and three babies recently. Supposedly we have no breeding animals making permanent residence here but we all disagree. I guess until someone catches a picture on a camera the Conservation people will still deny it. I know they don't normally attack people but I haven't taken walks over the back of the farm since we lost those calves.

Weather news:

The recent storm front passed through last night. They talked about tornadoes spotted at Willard which is very close to us but we didn't even get bad winds here. What we did get was 2 full inches of blessed rain.  I just heard the Willard man lost a garage....maybe there was a tornado after all.


  1. Oh golly, Glenda. Where to start commenting? About the mountain lion? The tornado? And how about that new freezer? You are a whirlwind of activity these days and fair takes my breath away.

    Glad the llama ladies are doing their job (you've not mentioned losing any calves since you got them) and hope they continue to keep the herd safe.

    Looks like it will be tons easier to work in the milk parlor now. Good job.

    As for the 2" of rain? Yippee for you! :-D

    1. Most of this work did not require any input from me! The cleaning and painting will.

      I think the llamas are responsible for us not loosing any more calves. I wouldn't be without them.

  2. Looks like you have a bit of a job ahead of you getting the milk parlor just like you'd like it. But won't it be nice when it's done!

    What in the world did we do before the invention of the home freezer? Canned a lot more stuff, obviously! For those of us who cook from scratch and don't rely on store bought convenience foods, I think freezers are indispensable!! Sure wouldn't want to give up mine.

    We also have had lots of reports of mountain lions in our area. Happy to say, though, that we do not live in tornado territory. We had enough of that growing up in Illinois.

    1. I am embarrassed to t ell you I have three freezers.......enough said.

      The parlor will be some work but I will take it in increments and very slowly. I can't stand on the concrete much over an hour without paying for it.

  3. We got some rain from the storms last night, but nothing bad other than having to find the plastic cover for the raised bed hoop houses.

    Think how much more room and how much nicer your "new" milk parlor will be! My milk "parlor" is just a little side room in the goat barn. Very dark and not-so-nice looking. One day I'll have a nice parlor!

    We heard a cougar several years ago here, but no sightings. I'm tempted to put up a few game cams (for both the four footed and two footed prowlers), especially around the back acreage where I've smelled the overwhelming smell of cat pee. Not sure if it's just the bobcats, but it would be neat to get either them or a cougar on camera. And no, Game & Fish would still deny they are here. Not sure why they are so freaked about admitting there are cougars here.

    1. One of my neighbors is so disgusted with Conservation that he doesn't bother to call them about anything. At least they gave us permission to shoot them if we see them on our place. They swear they have not relocated them to Missouri but my Iowa sis doesn't believe them! They have not shot and killed two in her area, one is Des Moines and one on the river very close to where they live.....

  4. Dear Glenda ~ Things are busy there at your place. Your new freezer looks nice, and how neat that it has that fancy reading gadget on the front.

    Glad the tornado missed you.

    Your going to love your refurbished milking parlor.

    Oh my gosh, mountain lions. That would freak me out. Hope these critters leave you and yours alone. Although, I think you mentioned about something to do with them and your favorite feline who is now gone. I was so sorry to hear that.

    Wishing you a wonderful week Glenda ~ Hugs ~ FlowerLady

    1. The refurbishing takes longer than I would like as does almost everything out in the country.....they work it in between larger jobs. I am trying to be patient which isn't my best trait.

      Our week is starting wonderful with lots of sunshine!

      You have a good week too.

  5. Glenda,

    I'm happy to hear you received rain and no tornadoes.

    Great looking freezer!!!!

    Watch out for mountain lions especially if they have babies. They do get aggressive if they have babies to protect.

    1. I will be aware no matter if it is day or night....I am opting for a small hand gun that I have wanted forever!

      I can't believe when I open the freezer there is no is my first frost free one.

  6. That temperature thingie looks just line the one that's on my new chest-type freezer. I now have 3 freezers too. I was planning on giving the old big chest type one away, but now there's a chance we might get a deer through some good friends. I'll wait till I find out for sure. The third freezer is a small one. I wouldn't know how to cook without my freezer(s).

    Mountain lions! That's scarey. You two be careful.

    The milk parlor looks great. Love your double wash-tubs, wish I had some like that. Looks like you do your canning out there.

    We got about 2 and 1/2 inches of rain between Friday morning and Saturday night. It was wonderful.

    1. I don't do my canning out there because of standing on the concrete. I wish I could. My new gas range no longer looks new!

      The tubs are great for washing a load of veggies from the garden and I can then just hose off the floors.

  7. We had a little tornado on the west side of Rogers too, did some roof damage to a few businesses and broke some trees. We had wind come up Saturday night about that time but no damage, thank God. Did get some rain out of the two days of storms and that was much appreciated! I have a freezer that looks just like the new one, frost free is the best thing since sliced bread. We did inherit hoarding from our Moms, mine is full too!

  8. I would like to get a freezer, but we do have two refrigerators, and they both have OK sized freezers. They are full, too, most of the time. I've been making large batches of soups, and freezing them in lunch sized portions for me.

    I hope they get the wild animal situation figured out soon, for everyones' safety.

    I'm glad you got 2 inches of rain. We got one a week or so ago, and traces this morning.