Friday, November 16, 2012

Bathing in the Cold - Guest Photographer

2:21AM (this time change is killing me!)  33 ° ,  slept in my chair in the kitchen for a hour or  more.  DH got up and made  our first pot of coffee.

Weather is still quite perfect for  fall,especially in the Ozarks where we sometimes just skip fall go right to winter.

Some trees, especially the oaks are still hanging on to their leaves.  I keep wanting to  take a  tour of  the farm, but we hear guns during the day so I will wait until deer season ends.

The following photos are the gift of my live-in photographer, sometimes know as DH,  my helpmeet, my banker and some others that I will not share publicly lest you think I often swear............he  does like  taking pictures and  took this series while I was reading in the kitchen.  These are all out from the window above the sink.

I thought they were very good.  God bless  that little Canon and  him.

This is just to give some perspective showing the  birdbath and the Nandina bush (red berries) outside the kitchen window.


  1. Love the photos, Glenda. DH has an eye for special images.
    Its been beautiful here. It has been averaging in the 50's t0 60's. Night temps 30's. We still have no rain, at all.
    When I was able to wander around in the river bed, you absolutly do not go out during hunting season, which is going on here now. I am not real sure how its going. We have a disease that has really desimated the white tail population. Its a internal bleeding disease from mites caused from the drought we had here during the summer and we have lost an estimated average of over 25% of the deer here in our area. This year, I have not heard the gunshots like I usually do. The hunt permits were cut drasically to compensate the loss.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Glenda,

    Have you ever tried using Melatonin lozenge 5mg? I've used Melatonin and it works for me. If you plan on using it, check with your pharmacist or doctor to make sure it's okay to take if your taking any medications. If you do get the Melatonin, get the lozenge it works better than the pill you swallow.

    DH did a fabulous job taking pictures of your house and the garden with the birds playing in the bird bath.

    1. I do have the melatonin tablets and don't remember why I didn't try them very long. I have a very low tolerance for some Ibuprofen depresses the heck out of me; it seems I got the shakes or something with them. Oh well, I can sleep all afternoon if I need to.....retired, you know.....

  3. By the title of your post, I was really wondering what kind of pictures we were going to see! (Hee-hee.) DH does have a talent for capturing a good shot. Thanks for sharing. Both of you. :o)

    1. I need to really think about how I phrase these things.
      Sorry about that.

  4. Loved the pictures. I can never take a good picture of water but he's got it all figured out.

    The time change messes me up, too. I don't know why they still do it. I thought it was just supposed to be a wartime thing. I don't remember them doing it while I was growing up but maybe they did and being a kid, I just didn't notice.

    Glenda, try making a tea from Walker's Low. I had a cup the other day. It was a little unusual-tasting, but not bad. And supposed to be very relaxing if you drink it before you go to bed. Hugs XOXOXO Ilene