Sunday, November 11, 2012

November 2-10- Random Farm Pictures

Running behind as usual.

We are still enjoying perfect fall weather but a change is a coming.  Today will be mid-60's and tomorrow mid-40's.  This is very typical of Ozarks weather.  It is windy today (Sunday) and has dropped 2 degrees since I got up at 4 AM.  I hope the promised rain shows up.

The week has gone by very quickly with just normal and not so normal events. I spent more time cleaning the barn and have finally swept out my milking side the the hallway connecting both sides.  I am still cleaning off the selves in the hallway.  I am very sporadically using the treadmill.  Have I mentioned I hate exercise as such!

We had to  make a doctor run for Max.  He had an ear problem but that has been fixed so that was a relief.  Then,of  course, they wanted him back in for blood workup (and he should be back in 6 months for another  one!) also want him back in 4weeks to check his ear.  Do you see a pattern here????

I go in tomorrow for the final  (I hope) crown to be installed.

The election more to be said on that.

I have milked twice...all very routine.

The non-routine farm related thing was DH discovered a neighbor's bull on us.  Neighbor asked if he could leave him for some time.  We said sure.....maybe some new genetics for our recently freshened cows.  Then our back/north neighbor called asking if we had found a young rented bull on our place.  I told him no and then explained about the south neighbor's bull.  Well,  when DH checked the cows later that morning, he found the second stray bull.  The got him up the next morning (Saturday) and we loaned him our trailer so he could return the bull to the man he got him from.  I was glad to see that one go.  Rental bulls have been exposed to lots of animals and we try to keep a closed herd so disease isn't ever a problem here.  We don't think he bred anything so that is good.

We have both taken a few random farm pictures.  I hope you enjoy them.

This is the 'old farm', a 30 acre parcel we  kept when we bought this one.  It forms the north west branch of the t shape.  I have tried unsuccessfully to find what the brown, curly grass one seems to know.  I think it is interesting  looking.

This is taken from the seat of the ATV (see the camera bag) on the old farm in front of the pond.


This is a rear view; I cannot figure how he got this shot; usually they keep an eye one anyone near and all you see are heads.

and  this is some of the fall babies:

Can you see them?

DH had my old Canon that only has 4x zoom.

This was taken across the road from the porch using the 12x zoom on the Panasonic.

I have to share this one, the Paul McCartney rose.  I have a love/hate relationship with roses.  I think they are very difficult to grow well without constant attention.  I have had this rose for at least 15 years.  I can't believe it myself!  It has had very little attention.  I don't detect any fragrance.  I do love the large hips in the fall.


  1. Beautiful pictures my friend. Will one of those turkeys in the picture be on your dinner table at Thanksgiving? I can't get over how much green grass you have. Ours is totally gone for the winter (brown).

    1. None,Sandy. My helpmeet is not a shooter or a hunter.....or it would be so shot full of holes it would be inedible!

      We got more rain last night so our grass could go until mid-December. We were blessed with rain beginning just before fall.

  2. Oh Glenda ~ Thank you so much for more views of your wonderful farm. I love it.

    Your rose is a beauty and those are giant hips for sure.

    Hope your week is a good one.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

    1. If I weren't too lazy to walk over the farm, I would be taking more pictures....when I send the camera with DH he comes back with 50 or more....several of the neighbor's cows.. I told him I wasn't too interested in the neighbors things....just ours. We keep hoping he will get some of the deer and coyotes.

  3. When I saw the title of your post, Glenda, I couldn't wait! I adore the pix of the cows!!!! And THAT rose!!!!!...:)JP

    1. I should be doing this more....I live here and I like seeing them too. (DH takes them when he checks the cows).

      I think I will gather the rose hips today. I have never done anything with them before.

  4. I've enjoyed your photos, Glenda. I'm thinking "smoked turkey" when I look at that gobbler behind the fence post! Hope you got some rain today. We did, but I'm not sure how much. It's getting colder, too. Have a good week!

    1. See above reply about us harvesting anything wild!

      WE got l inch and we are so grateful. That should help keep the grass growing for some time. Fescue loves cold weather.

  5. Those are really nice rose hips, Glenda. Do you do anything with them? Tea? Jelly? And I always enjoy seeing cattle pics.

    Hope the crown install goes smoothly for you. While I still have all my own teeth, there are enough crowns in there to populate Buckingham. LOL

    And I think most of us don't like exercise for exercise's sake, even when we know it's good for us. You keep plugging, gal.

    1. I think I will harvest them today. I may need help in how to make tea.

      I know, I know; you are right about the exercise.......

  6. I can't STAND to exercise!! I would rather have a shorter lifespan than to spend part of it on a treadmill. Heh.

    Loved the pictures, as usual. What a nice herd of cows you have. If you make something from the rose hips, be sure to open them up and remove the seeds and "hairs" in the centers. Rosehips make wonderful lemon-flavored tea!

    1. You are a woman after my own heart!

      Can you email me about making the tea please.