Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Chore time (feeding and doctor appointments)

It was 35° at 3:30 Am this morning.  Our little warmup has arrived.

This is the morning for my 'unusual' doctor's visit. I got a call wanting me to just come in to catch up, update things, etc.  I told her  I  was not up for a physical or anything of that nature.  Oh no, just an update (and an office call for the insurance and Medicare).  I am going more out of curiosity than anything else.  I am also fasting just in case they want to do blood work and I  have to go back (another visit!) like they recently did for DH.  I am a crafty soul.......wonder how many tests they suggest I get??? The appointment is for 8:15  and is near my store for King Arthur flour so we will be stocking up.  Also I want to get bird seed at  the nearby farm supply store.  I noticed my little finches are back and checking the hummer feeders.  I don't want them to move on.

I took some pictures of chore time.

This is Jewel,my future milk cow.  We have begun giving her just a small amount of grain daily.
She is still such a pet; I sure hope that carries over when I start milking her.

and this is Willow eating while the babies are  eating,

Dinner for two:

I think the new calf needs to fill out more, but he seems to be getting his share of milk.  We stay with them until they finish to be sure.

and, always, the cats.  I  am not keeping a  spread sheet on how much food they are eating.....


  1. Good lord, Glenda. I'll bet there's not a rat, mouse, mole, or other rodent within miles of your place anymore. Lookit all those cats!

    Odd about the doctor appt. Please keep us in the loop. We're curious as heck too...

  2. Yeah, I'm curious too. I've never had a doctor call ME for an appointment.

    Loved the trees in the post before this, I must've missed that one somehow. It didn't come to my e-mail as they usually do.

    Jewel is going to be a wonderful milk cow! Willow being so bad-tempered sometimes is a real worry. Didn't she step on your foot a few years ago? OMG, she could've crippled you for life!

    1. She has knocked me off the stool more than once and stepped and stood on my foot before. That is why we now drive her up the ramp where she is lock in a stanchion and can barely move. She didn't do any of it in anger; just when she was through, she wanted out! Any cow can accidentally step on you. That is just life on the farm, but the moving thing was bad.

  3. Glenda,

    That's very odd to have the doctors office call you and setup an appointment.
    Please keep us informed. Now that I think about it, my primary doctor's office called too. They wanted to see me to talk about the results from my Orthopedic Surgeon. Strange enough, the Orthopedic Surgeon treated me an talked to me over 2 months ago. He explained to me everything wrong, gave me a shot into the hip and physical therapy.

    I love the pictures of your cows and the babies. Wow, lot's of cats :-)
    I can imagine they keep the little critters away.

  4. Glenda, I am going to give you a heads up on the doctors appointment. It is connected with the new health care laws and they (may) ask weird questions. I had the same thing, and was sent all sorts of papers to sign for (managed) care. My attorney told me not to sign them, as they give the gov total control over your health care. In these papers, it evens mentions if I take herbal supplements, and do alternative care. Please be my council, and really read over everything and ask questions, if not, do not sign. I am in the process of looking for a new doctor, when I went last week because of my ear infection, doc did nothing, and told me it was allergies. I still have the infection, and swelling and I cannot hear very well now.
    Love all the kitties, and yes, they eat a lot. Love your future cow, wish I lived closer, I would love some fresh cream for my yogurt.
    Keep us posted with your appointment, I a curious if its like my encounter.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week.
    Have a wonderful week, Glenda.

  5. Hope they didn't try to talk you into a bunch of tests that you don't really need. Do keep us posted.

    Love seeing Willow and her babies, and Jewel and all those wonderful kitties.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  6. I enjoyed your photos. I think I counted 11 cats! Is that all of them? Do they get along with each other most of the time?

    At my once a month women's Bible study, and then, at my cell group, I figured out I was the only one who has never lived on a farm. We got into sharing memories of our childhoods, and I talked about our visits to my dad's uncles' farms in Iowa, and my mom's uncle's in Minnesota.

    I don't remember if you've mentioned whether you grew up on a farm.

  7. Sue I grew up in the country but my folks did not own a farm. I did visit my grandparents farm in the summers.

    I think at last count we had 15 cats; outrageous I know.