Monday, November 26, 2012

Post Thanksgiving -

Up at 3AM, 37° now but a cold front is moving in.

Dinners (yes, I said dinners......nuf said) over, family is gone and we are back to normal you can get with a new puppy in the house.  Sugar is doing really well; lets us know when she needs to go out and seems to like everyone.  Our granddaughter was really taken with her and so was our daughter and SIL.  He took over puppy duty while here which was nice for me.  She goes to the vet Wednesday...that should be interesting.  I am shopping for a harness and a bed for her today.  She is almost to heavy for me to carry very far.  If we have to carry her in, DH will get to do it.

The dinners went well but two turkey dinners back to back are a bit much.  I swear each year I will have the nerve to stop it but maybe next year......


The great doors  project is done!  They came two days before Thanksgiving and finished up.

This is the Milk Parlor door.  My daughter thinks I shouldn't paint the patch work; looks very cottagey...I think she may be right....I am thinking some Grandpa Otts on a trellis in front......

The old chicken house (west side of yard)

and the east  building,

I have booked them to paint the milk barn in the spring; will have to remind  them probably but that is OK.

Still haven't got the bill  yet; that may be a shocker.  I don't stress over repairs and upkeep; they are what keep a property looking good and holding value (I hope).

We had a serendipitous moment after the job was finished.  We had them haul the bulk tank to their place to take at  their  leisure into town  for salvage....meantime someone  they knew came by and wanted to buy it!  Good news.  He is a dairy systems installer  and he came over  to get some peripherals that go with the tank if used and I talked to him about rigging my stall with a unit to milk Willow into the fresh cow bucket.  He said it would be a simple job and promised me Wednesday or Thursday.  I want all options open. It just takes 3  minutes  to milk by bucket.....cleanup is more but if I have a flareup with my
hands, DH can milk!  I just reminded DH, he could milk her  then....he  was not nearly as excited about that as I was.


I am living proof you can teach an old dog new tricks.  I have been making biscuits for over 50 years and just learned a new technique from Thibault's Table (thank you Ann).  We both use the same recipe but I have never used the folding technique with the dough.

Here are the results from this morning:

Note: I forgot the dimple so I did have a couple lean a little sideways.

I like those little layers....also the biscuit breaks open easily instead of just the top as sometimes happens.

Here is why I should have done the dimple:

Check out her blog for explicit directions and the recipe.


  1. Good Morning Glenda,
    I seen Thibeault's recipe yesterday, but have not tried it. I think that I will next time. I saved the recipe to my folder on the computer.
    Love the doors, yes, don't do anything with the exposed block, just put Morning Glories there, will be stunning. I love Morning Glories, they are a great filler for space, sometimes a pain as they go native if you let them when they re-seed, but I still love them.
    Dinner(s), thats a bit too's bad enough with one dinner and then cleanup, and I had no company.
    Puppies are an eye opener, aren't they. And yes you forget what they do get into or are capable of or how quick they can get into trouble.
    Have a wonderful week Glenda.

    1. I still have Grandpa Otts springing up here and there and haven't planted any in several years....I don't mind since they aren't in the vegetable garden.

      Hope you have a very good week and don't get too cold; we are in the 20's and 40's now. Brrrrrr

  2. Nice job all around, Glenda. Don't know which looks prettiest - new/functional doors or pull-apart biscuits. Either way, it's all good! (TWO turkey dinners? Oh my...)

    1. I think I am now fully recovered. We paid for the doors yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised at the cost. It included lots of things besides the doors.

  3. Impressive biscuits and buildings.

    1. Thank you Gail. I take no credit for the doors but did make the biscuits. I think my daughter (even) is going to try them. Will wonders never cease!

  4. I bet you can see a difference in Sugars size from the day you brought her home to present day. Puppies grow up so darn fast.
    Glenda, you have such a beautiful place. I love your buildings and the door on your Milk Parlor. Thank you for sharing the recipe you use on your biscuits.

    1. Sugar already seems to have lost her baby fat looks more like a miniature hound. We go to the vet's tomorrow with her.

      Thank you for the compliment on the farm. We are very happy here. Everything is just plain country, including the house but that is what I am too so it works.

  5. I vote for painting,and then put up a pretty trellis and let those Grandpa Otts go to town!

    Sugar looks like a real little lover.

    I'm impressed by those biscuits. Will take a look at the recipe. I have a recipe that tastes like Col. Sanders' biscuits, which are pretty good, but there's so much fat in the recipe I just hate to make them. Hubs' mother was an expert biscuit maker but I never got her recipe. One of Hubs' sisters told me, though, that she used to stack two biscuits together after she cut them, for each one biscuit. Oddly enough, Hubs is not much of a biscuit eater. But OMG, I could eat biscuits every day, especially covered in milk gravy. Mom told me once that that was always the first "baby food" she fed her babies.

  6. Those are some high rise biscuits! Looks good. Thanks for the link, I'll try them. Tried a recipe the other day on Pinterest for Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuits. The recipe called for bisquit mix, but didn't have any, so substituted pancake mix and they turned out yummy!
    I'm not liking this colder weather! Have a good week!