Saturday, January 10, 2015

Catch up Day ---- Again

We had our last sub-normal cold night last night, 4°, then normal January temperatures will settle in for a while, 30's and 20's.

The puppies have remained outside and done fine.  They have now taken over Sugar's pen and she has taken over my kitchen corner.  So far that has worked out OK.

Our granddaughter has been visiting since last Wednesday.  That worked out to our benefit since  DH has had a bad spell of shortness of breath and her BF has been coming over each morning to help with chores.  I  also got off  my lazy backside and  did the close-up chores for two days, the chickens, the penned calves and the puppies.  He really isn't supposed to be outside in very cold weather in the best of times.

Chest x-ray and blood work was all normal.  I think it may be the beta-blocker coreg.  He has just been taking it a couple of months and that seems to be when his troubles started.  The nurse has agreed to him stopping it.  It has been 3 days and we both think he is improved.  He sees the cardiologist Wednesday.  Maybe more tests are due??  We will see. 

We both think selling the beef cows is in our near future.  Sad but we knew it would come eventually.  I hope to keep a few head and a bull  but we will see.

Chickens are still giving us 3-5  eggs a day!  I am impressed.

We had all five dogs in the kitchen; it was near impossible to get a picture of all of them.  They are in this shot.  Do you see the third puppy?

From puppies January 8 2015

We are taking our GD and her BF to Lambert's for lunch today to thank him.  He refused payment.  I did cook him a good, country breakfast each morning!


  1. Hope stopping the offending medication is helpful and another pill can be substituted to help his cardiac status.

    It's hard to let go when you have cows but when it becomes a burden you know it is time. Is it an option to lease the pastures so you can still see cows? We have had inquiries but none so far worked out. We suspected the cattle will not be properly tended by an absentee owner or it turns out somebody wants to start a feedlot. It usually stops them cold when you inquire about how they intend to handle mortalities? "Doesn't the county take care of that?' one young man asked.

    What an angel in disguise your GD's young man is.

  2. I sure hope everything turns out ok at the doctor's and with DH. Cardiac stuff is sure a worry, I have that with Hubs.

    We saw how hard it is when good friends had to quit keeping cattle on their land. It's not only that you'll miss having the cattle on the land, it's that you'll have to come to terms with the fact that it's become too hard to manage. That's really hard for some people to handle. But you guys are so smart about everything, I'm sure you'll take it in your stride if it comes to that. And if you do let someone else graze their cattle on your place, you will know what to look for, what questions to ask. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs xoxoxo

  3. Some other older bloggers are 'letting go' of things this year (land, animals, businesses, etc.). Those with least anxiety seem to have something (of lesser strain) waiting in the wings (even temporarily) to fill some of the void. I hope you get prime prices for your grass-feed beef when you do decide.

    3-5 eggs a day? In this weather? Your girls are really stepping up this winter. How about the big girls (Willow & Jewel) -- they keeping you in milk?

    Still cold here - ice/snow for tomorrow. Boy, we really had it good in December when the roads were always clear. Take care. Keep warm.

  4. Glenda,

    I hope taking DH off those new meds was the issue. Especially since he's feeling better now. It's good to hear he's doing better now. It's also nice to have the added help from your granddaughters boyfriend.

  5. Sometimes meds hurt more than they help.I hope this has improved DH's condition.

    We have sold all stock and have only dogs. Marcy has a few chickens and cats. Even with those few things we are unable to do things like they should be done.