Sunday, January 4, 2015

Cooking Again

First thing on my mind is getting rid of the large header picture.....will work on that soon.

Good news!  after a phone call the sofa was delivered after 4pm yesterday.  If  I hadn't called, we would still be waiting.  How do businesses stay open with this kind of carelessness?

I was just looking at a l0-day forecast for us........not good.  Wednesday predicted high and low is 15 and 4°.  That seems awfully cold this early in winter.  the other days aren't much better.

I went to bed early (as usual) and DH told me that he had to put Sugar out for the night because she in after being let out before bedtime smelling strongly of skunk.  He even washed is jeans because she brushed next to them.....also  took a shower.  I couldn't smell anything on the back porch so we are good so far.  I haven't let her back in this morning yet.

She roamed some yesterday with the Beagle but they both came back home without DH having to take the truck to return them.  Hopefully they will start staying home.


Nothing special, just our beef on those buns I made in the form  of hamburgers.....maybe some baked beans on the fries.

I also want to make apple tarts in the muffin tins.  My Sis  ( family cook) called to tell me about a new  thing she did.  I will give it a try and let you know how it goes later this morning.

I made them almostexactly as she did except I left out the chopped pecans.  It is basically just diced apples, a brown/white sugar/flour mix, about 1/2 tsp brandy per  cup and a dollop of butter on top.

I used one pie crust (my standby Nathan's Never Fail recipe) from the freezer and just cut into 8 pieces.  I didn't do anything fancy at the edges.

They were very good warm but even better at room temperature.

Temperature has dropped down to 14° since a high of 31 this morning........


  1. Brrrrrr! Your weather sounds so COLD! That would be way to cold for me. It is around 84 right now. Too warm for winter. I have the a.c. on.

    Your apple muffin tarts look delicious and easy. I can almost smell them.

    I wish I lived near you so you could show me how to use power hand tools. Learning from a 'lady' would be nice. My DH did all of that sort of thing. The tools scare me. I do want to learn how to use the circular saw. I have used the band saw a little, the jig saw, and the reciprocating saw or saws-all as we called it.

    Thank you for your encouragement and for being the inspiration that you are to me dear Glenda.

    Have a great 2015 ~ FlowerLady

    1. I forgot to mention the miter saw that I use for angled cuts or chop cuts. You just have to be brave and be careful and aware at all times. You can do it!

  2. I fear a rough winter.

    My sister told me about placing canned biscuits in muffin tins and add your own pot pie mix after you mashed them down. I don't see why it wouldn't work.

    1. I thnik I have heard that the winter is supposed to be is so far as temps go. We got down to 10°.

      I used to make tiny turnovers with those biscuits by rolling them out in a circle and adding a dollop of jam, sealing and baking. Dusted powder sugar over the tops. Our daughter asked me about those a couple of days ago. At the ripe old age of 46 she is becoming interested more in cooking!

  3. Yeah, I just myself looked at the's going to be a doozy Wednesday night. Got to make sure the straw is stacked for the critters. Try to stay warm!

  4. Glenda,

    Great news about receiving your furniture. I think the salesman was hoping you wouldn't call.

    Temperatures are dropping to 15 here this evening, I'm hoping the wind stops blowing otherwise it will feel like below zero.

    Great idea to use the muffin pan to make individual tarts.

    1. They really didn't taste too different from the larger tart I make; maybe juicier since the cup shape held it in a smaller area. I hope that makes sense.

  5. It was 53F yesterday, then plunged to 14F last night and won't get out of the teens today. Frigid temps here too for the rest of the week. About 1" of snow after 1.5" of rain. Brrrr. Glad I'm inside. Your apple tarts look wonderful! Are you working the woodburner these days? Stay warm...

    1. No, we have about 3 cords of wood just curing. We don't have to worry about power outages because of the generator so don't use the wood stove because then the furnace doesn't kick in and the rest of the house gets too cold!

    2. Here's a tip from Erma Bombeck (remember her?) When the thermostat is in the room with a fireplace or woodburner, you can drape a damp cloth on the thermostat and it will make the furnace stay on longer for the other rooms. I also close the heat vents in the livingroom when I burn so the furnace heat goes to other rooms instead. Maybe this helps you, maybe not. Bottom line, keep warm this week. It's gonna be a doozy.