Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What a Way to Start 2015!

First, the weather has been very mild and pleasant.

I had to chuckle when I read Kris's blog  today.  She started 2015  with a tire problem and a washing machine problem.......

I will list our New Year issues in order:

1.  Ordered wrong blood pressure gadget; had to return it.

2.  My ancient Kenmore  sewing machine failed over Christmas while  I was trying to mend granddaughter's new  tee shirt.

3.  Ordered a cheap Brothers from Amazon; it arrived minus the bonus pack.

4.  Emailed Amazon over the weekend (obviously no one works since they did not answer  a phone request)told them all I needed was  the accessory pack.
received notice  they were replacing the order; not to return the present  order.

5.  Today received the second Brothers machine.....alas, no accessory pack.
I am returning both and will  not be reordering a Brothers!!

6.  The scariest was a letter from the IRS stating they had not received my 2013 tax return and didn't know where to credit my payment................thankfully the records were on the computer so I printed and mailed the return.  I have no idea what happened!.

My 3-year old KitchenAid Pro 600 series stand mixer quit mixing.  Motor runs but the slightest resistance causes the paddle to stop.   Have it in the shop now.  I have ordered a heavy duty portable mixer to use in the interim.  All I have is a $13 one that just hits on certain speeds after much jiggling.

8.  10-year old water heater needs replacing; doing that this evening using same above repairman.

I believe that is it!  I hope.

All else is well.  DH is  scheduled for a stress test this Thursday and a lung  function test next month.
He is feeling better and doing all outside chores.  We are keeping our fingers crossed on this one.

Since Sugar's pen has been taken over for the puppies, this is her favorite spot (note the heater)

She still roams often.  This last time was about 3.5 miles away.  She was playing with a little girl on the porch.  The Beagle was at home.  I have given up........


  1. Glenda,

    Oh boy, when things stop working it always seems to happen in pairs........

    I bet the IRS received your 2013 tax return but can't find it because they've downsized their employee's. I'm glad you were able to send them what was needed to receive your credit.

    I pray everything goes well with your husbands stress, and lung test being that he's been feeling much better.


    1. Sandy, that is exactly what Max said! Can you imagine an entire year before they processed that!

      Thanks for the good wishes for the tests.

  2. IRS waited a whole year for me too when they didn't receive my filing! Lost in the mail, obviously, but waiting 12 months! Fingers crossed for DH. And if it was a contest, you won - hands down! Hope things resolve for you.

    1. This is the kind of thing I don't want to win.......but it is what it is.

      Thank you for your crossed fingers.

  3. Your post sounds like us last year, Dec-Jan, we had to replace furnace, hot water heater, and water softener.

    As for your sewing machine, go buy a vintage heavy metal one. they can be repaired, those new plastic ones aren't made to last. You can probably find an old black singer at a resell it shop, cheaper than the new plastic probably.

    Sew on ~ ~ ~ ~

    1. I own a vintage Kenmore! It is so heavy I have to have help to raise it from the table. I was wondering if I could find someone to work on it.
      You have inspired me!

  4. I use an old Singer that I paid $25 for at a garage sale. Yeah, it had an accessory box. The tension was messed up so I took it to the Singer store (only sewing machine shop in town) and they fixed it, told me to hang onto it because "you've got a good one". I bought an old Pfaff, too, mostly for the cabinet. It's almost like an industrial machine, has a big chain drive. It works fine but I always have to go to the booklet to remind myself how to thread it. Back in those days, all women were taught about sewing machine operation in school and you can tell by the booklet that the maker of the machine assumed this to be true.

    Sugar is getting spoiled, being in a warm house. LOL That's quite a wanderlust she has.

    We had to buy new truck tires, but it was not an emergency.

    Hope Max keeps improving and that all will turn out well.