Sunday, June 12, 2016


I am starting this about 10 AM on Saturday after giving up outside work after just one hour.  It was 89° when I came in.

I did get the rest of the sweet potatoes mulched, and the cucumber row and the one hill of straight neck yellow  squash that came up.  No sign of the zuchini and a few other things.

I also planted an heirloom tomato in the kerria bed.  The other seven I will scatter here and there and hope I don't loose them.

It is funny how a gardener's eyes are attuned to things around them.  Any thing out of the ordinary or unusual stands out immediately.  When I stepped out the back  door  this morning I saw this in the tray of unplanted tomatoes.  They are sitting in about 1/2 inch of water.

I zoomed in for a good look:

This is the entrance to the garden from patio (work) area.

and stepping though the gate:

This is another true red ss poppy and notice down at its base to the left, I found a tiny eggplant! I think I tossed one that looked puny.  I now have mulched around it.  Of course I will  have to detour to get into the garden.........

like a baby bird in its nest,

The sweet potato row half  mulched (now finished)

This is looking south:

Those tiny green things in the soil are morning glories.  There must be millions of the seeds in the soil.    I hoe each one as I can.

This end has the sweet potatoes, small patch of sweet corn, turnips beyond the corn and three tomato plants tied to the fence.
You can also see a huge patch of ss garlic that I have left....may be a big mistake but too late now.

To the right is the little hoophouse. This side is cucumbers; inside is lettuce and beyond that is the compost heap.

I will do the west side later when I have the weeds better under control, if that ever happens.


  1. You sure keep busy there at the farm. I enjoy reading about and seeing your veggie garden, your flowers and visitors. :-)

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

    1. Sometimes busier than I would like.......

      You gave a great week too.

  2. Your weather allows you to readily grow tomatoes, eggplants and corn which I have a hard time doing, but I don't think I could stand your heat and humidity anymore. I grew up with it in Illinois, but my thermostat has changed the last 40 years here in Minnesota. 89 degrees at mid morning would drive me inside, too!

    Love seeing pictures of your garden. Keep 'em coming!

    1. We are having July and August weather in June this year! In my zone we can plant warm weather crops around May 10 to 20th. It does give us a long growing season since first frost is around October 20.

  3. You've got so much coming right now, Glenda. You must be getting some rain. Bone dry here yet they forecast for some all.the.time! Idiots. Glad you found an eggplant. Near 90 with high winds Sat. Sun? Didn't get out of the 60s with more high winds. Right now it's only 46. I hate this weather. Going outside anymore is a pain. Glad you are finding some time out there for your gardens. The flowers look lovely.

  4. Kris, I have been watering for a month now. We did get l.25 inches yesterday. Washed all my fruit tree spray off. You can't have everything! 90's predicted for us this week too.

    Take it easy in this heat......things will wait (as we well know)

  5. Glenda,

    I have to say you have a gorgeous garden!!! My tomato plants look like the one you took a picture of. When I first looked at your picture, I thought that was a snake curled up. Had to do a double take, then realized it was a frog.

    Your red Poppies are gorgeous, I guess I could say I'm a tad jealous. Planted poppies, and not one came up.

    After seeing your sweet potato seedlings, I now wished I had planted sweet potatoes this season.