Friday, June 10, 2016

Walk About Morning of July 9 2016

I knew it was supposed to be very hot today so I went out early and snapped some photos.

The lily opened in the east end of the humming bird bed.  I have this same lily in several places.  I have no memory of planting them around........

and this is the tree stump bed (removed the large elm tree)which should be  called the agastache bed since that is all that is growing here.  I have several green leaved ones I have left....I may regret that since I do like the golden leaved ones more.

The green is a bit ahead of the gold in blooming,

This is the humming bird bed taken from the east side looking west,

Soon to have phlox, daylilies, zinnias, cosmos and much later anemone robustissima.

Can you see the sprinkler in front of the kitchen?  This is the kitchen window bed (duhhhhh).  Currently just beginning is the less than spectacular Endless Summer hydrangea.

I managed to hoe weeds from the HB bed and the kerria bed just to the north before it got too hot.  Now 91°.  Next step will be carefully spreading the cypress mulch around the plants to conserve moisture and keep down weeds.


  1. I love agastache (and so do the bees) but if I want it I have to replant it every year. I guess it is too hot and humid here for it. I waited to see if it would come up but it was a no show. It was too late by then to order and have it settle in. Yours is gorgeous.

  2. T he other colored ones I have grown never came back either. This bed started only with the golden one. It has even self-seeded in the grass around the bed. Maybe it is stronger than the other colors.

  3. I love your happy farm gardens. Those lilies are so pretty.

    We've had rain off and on for three days now. I try to get out early too before the heat or rain starts. We needed the rain and I am thankful for it.


    1. I bet your humidity is way worse than mine and it is bad enough.

      I barely got in an hour yesterday morning. I need to start earlier.

  4. I need to do a Walkabout. I saw something red under the Bridal Wreath from the upstairs window. Went down to look and it's a Day Lily, one you gave me, I think.

    I love how your place looks. Hugs xoxoxo

  5. You must have hundreds (or more!) of various beautiful plantings around your home. Could I come live with you next summer and learn only maybe one-sixteenth of what you know about all the different flowers, vines, ground covers and shrubs? ;o}