Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tuesday Morning Walkabout June 14 2016

June 13, 2016

Up at 12.30 am; slept in chair another 2 hours.

This is the morning to take the truck into Springfield at 8 AM to get the two small dings fixed (trailer came loose, broken something or other). The small dings came to almost $2,000 half of which will be our to pay.

Traffic was unbelievable at that time with all the going-to-work people but was very light coming home at 9:00 AM. We made a quick stop at Murfins to get the items Max didn't get when he took his Mother on her errands. After breakfast, we both took a short nap.

By then it was way too hot to work outside.

Another small shower yesterday evening.

Tuesday June 14, 2016

I took a Zyrtec (generic) and so got a good night's sleep. The grass is way too wet for the trimmer, so I took advantage of the inside time and by 6 AM had a rack of baby back ribs going in the oven. I opened a window and shut up he kitchen to contain the heat. I am almost ready to turn the oven off.
The only good time to bake in this weather is in the wee hours of the morning when I am up anyway.
I just opened the ribs and spread barbecue sauce over them and left the foil off so they could crisp up.
I am using Sweet Baby Ray's on advice of my Sis. I think I am going to love it!

Morning Walk About

This is another seedling peach tree, maybe a Red Haven. Sadly the heavy load of fruit beyond my reach combined with the rain cause a large limb to break.  Peach trees are notoriously susceptible  to breaking.

If  I can defeat the groundhog, I should still get enough peaches.

and then there is the Japanese beetle that is now munching on the blackberry leaves beneath the peaches...he is waiting until they are a bit riper......

I still have Seckel pears.....

I forgot to take a picture of the blackberries.  They are just getting a red cast....should be ripe around  the 4th of July this year.

I see something tried to dig under the garden gate........

and the last of the lilies on the last of the Harlow Carr clematis,


  1. Oh my goodness, your peaches and pears look wonderful! Do you can them or freeze them? I'd have to make a pie or two (or six) with the peaches.

    1. If the varmints leave me any, I freeze the peaches and will can the pears.

  2. LOve love love the new poppy header! I really should open up my pack of seeds and spread them somewhere. Do they need a lot of water? My mouth is watering for those peaches. Fresh peaches. REAL peaches, not something shipped up from South America or elsewhere. Peaches. Baby back ribs. Set a place, I'm comin' down. LOL

  3. Kris they are a very early flower so usually get enough rain, They are already unsightly and will have to be removed. They are gone when hot weather (dry) hits.The ribs were really tasty. We like the Baby Rays.

    The groundhog usually gets the fruit before we do.....or something. One day they are there and the next, they are gone.

  4. Glenda,

    Your peaches, and pears look amazing. I hope you're able to get some picked before the critters enjoy them. Gorgeous Lillies, and Clematis. Most of my Clematis flowers are gone :-( can't wait until next season.