Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Ugly

I said I would show all the facets of life on the farm.  Today I will show some uglies.

First the personal stuff for my own references.  I slept very well last nigh, a full 8 hours!  I am now starting the generic version of Zyrtec.  My allergies to pollen have me coughing a lot so I gave in.  Maybe that caused the sleep.  Who knows.
I will be taking it daily until this blasted hay is done.

Max took his mother shopping yesterday and did the major portion of mine.  I will do a little at  our local store for  items I thought would be more difficult for him to select.  He is a very great help to me!

Now for some uglies:

This is my work area right outside  the back porch door.  Here is where I leave everything I use for gardening, gloves, tools, plants, empty pots, watering cans, etc. 

More things are hidden behind the Korean Boxwood.

Aphids have found the nicotiana sylvestris (tobacco  plant)

I think the ground  hog found the broccoli plants.  I have never had large piece torn off before. (we put leaves in the trap and he ignored those, preferring the fresh ones!)

This was taken from the road looking north.  I don't like how the trimmed cheat grass looks but refuse to try to rake it though the vining vinca (that I hope takes over  the entire ditch!).

That is a rugosa rose, Therese Bugnet. It is  very fragrant and very disease resistant.  It  does spread via roots which is why I planted it in the ditch area.  I need to order more.  Surely something will beat out the cheat grass.

Now the good part:  It was cut to the ground a few years ago so doesn't have as much bloom but what it does it wonderful,

Note: some more ugly behind.  That is the uncut cellar!

I love the crinkly, crushed tissue paper look,

OK, now I have depressed myself.  Enough! 

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Oh my gosh, your uglies, look oh so lovely compared to mine. :-)

    Love your roses and how neat that they will spread themselves.

    Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

    1. My white rugosa doesn't spread at all and I wish it did.

      I could show uglier uglies.....but didn't have pictures.

  2. Ha! I can beat your "ugly" areas anytime!! It's funny, but whether we're showing someone else our handwork or yard work or bread that "failed," we see it in the very worst way. Others are so much less critical than we are of ourselves.

    I do hate aphids though . . . arrrrgh. And your poor broccoli plants? That ground hog needs to go on to his next life!

  3. I know he does but the minute I crack the back door with gun in hand, he is gone. He ignores the traps completely.

  4. I first met Therese Bugnet when I worked at a nursery back in high school. She was one of the few roses that would do well in a droughty, alkaline, zone 3 garden. I planted her at two different homes in South Dakota, and now have two of them in my Ozarks backyard, though I have so many more options here than I used to. So pretty, and smells so wonderful.