Saturday, June 18, 2016

Walkabout Saturday Morning June 18, 2016

I have had a productive day so far.  First of  all it  is just a little cooler and I went  about around 6:45 AM. so was able to get a lot done  without getting very hot.

I finished mulching the bed outside the kitchen window called the humming bird bed.  I used to have lots of tall red salvias that drew them.  Note to me:  check into  more seeds of red salvia.  I don't have a single  red salvia left.
It took 5 bags to get a good cover.  Then I watered it deeply.  It is amazing that weeds can still come through 6 inches of mulch!.  I didn't get a good stand of zinnias or cosmos from my  seeds but hope they will fill in.

 I thought the north side of the bed facing the camera was all in oranges and reds.............I forgot the phlox.

Nicotiana sylvestris is in full bloom here and several more are scattered about.

I will remember this as the year of dill!  It is everywhere and look what I found on one of the smaller plants,

I noticed this wasp working the  dill head.  Do they gather pollen?

I also mulched the rest of the Kerria Bed,

I stuck a tomato plant in here.

This our latest purchase for the farm and garden,

A new  and vastly improved Havaheart trap.  We set it with cantaloupe last night  hoping for the groundhog.  We did get a huge possum.  Will try nightly and see what we end up with.  the groundhog has dug another huge fresh hole under the propane tank!

I haven't been doing much cooking lately because of the heat and working outside.  I am heading to the kitchen now to make the 40-minute buns.  I am thinking hamburgers for lunch.  DH could eat them three times  a day.


  1. All of your flower beds alone make so much for you to take care of. (Good thing we love doing that sort of thing, isn't it?)

    My husband would eat a homemade burger on a bun every meal of the day, too!

  2. Getting out early is the trick during the summer. I did nothing outdoors yesterday or today, trying to let my foot relax and heal.

    Great have a heart trap! We have an older, smaller one, which is probably overgrown with weeds now. SIGH!

    Do you have a.c.? I have a window unit that keeps my little cottage comfortable. It is really miserable outside. It is 91 and feels like it is 98, humidity at 55%. We 'may' get some rain, time will tell.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  3. Everything looks really nice.

  4. Ooooh. I'd love to have the 2-way trap. Mine is only 1-way. The 2-way would be terrif to set in front of a ground hog burrow. Then I could catch it coming OR going. Hope you get yours. Nice picture tour of current plants. Pretty pretty pretty.